Character Development 

Some of our children took part in National Volunteer Day by patrolling our local park, collecting rubbish. They were joined by Bolton Council who provided us with lots of equipment to continue our contribution to the wider community. Our children learnt about the value of volunteering and shown great compassion and growth- two of our school values.

Our children and adults took part in a charity fundraising event to rasie money for children with genetic conditions. We participated  by donating money to the charity in return for wearing jeans to school.

To celebrate Christmas the whole school engrossed themselves into a full day of learning all about the Christmas festival. Our children came to school on real Christmas spirt, dressed in their Christmas jumpers. Reception welcomed in their parents to our Christmas stay and play and enjoyed activities such as: card making, bauble decorating, Christmas arts and crafts. Reception then took part in a ‘reindeer run’ to raise money for Bolton Hospice, we raised a £140! Our children learnt about being charitable and how it makes a difference to other peoples lives. Our Children performed a carol concert to their parents, singing and dancing to Christmas songs. In true Christmas spirt, we then celebrated in the afternoon with a Christmas Party.