RE at Haslam Park

RE subject lead- Miss Lulat


We are a very diverse and multicultural school, and it is very important that our teaching of RE at Haslam Park Primary School reflects our school community and the experiences of our children and their families. The twin cornerstones of tolerance and respect underpin all our teaching in RE.

We follow the Bolton Agreed Syllabus for RE 2020. The syllabus engages and challenges all our pupils (particularly disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND) by studying religious and non-religious beliefs, understanding how these can impact on daily life and then making connections between these beliefs and non- beliefs. By following the syllabus, we are enabling our children to challenge the ideas studied alongside their own thinking and so deepen their understanding the wider world alongside their religious literacy.


The order of our units and the faiths we teach explicitly, have been carefully considered. Our curriculum is a spiral one, based on spaced learning, which allows children to encounter core concepts through each key stage and so deepen their understanding and religious knowledge. Individual religions are studied before comparisons can be made, again promoting religious literacy and understanding.

We use ‘Understanding Christianity’ to deliver our Christianity units and from this the children develop a knowledge of key biblical concepts which sit within the wider Bible story. For our units on Islam, Hinduism and Judaism we use the Bolton Agreed Syllabus support materials. Educational visits  and visitors are incorporated into the delivery of units when appropriate.

At the start of each teaching unit, we use a diagnostic tool to assess the understanding of the children, and this ensures our teaching is specifically tailored to the needs of each cohort. We also use knowledge organisers to support the learning of key facts and vocabulary for each unit. RE is taught for an hour a week but we enhance our learning by having 3 whole school Enrichment Days throughout the school year, one each for Diwali, Christmas and Eid.


The use of the diagnostic tool alongside the delivery of the units allows our children to experience all the desired outcomes of the syllabus. The units include key building blocks linked to core concepts which are revisited throughout both key stages to promote the deepening of religious knowledge. The knowledge organisers are used to assess understanding at the end of each unit.

By the time pupils leave our school we want them to be able to show respect, tolerance and understanding of themselves and others around them. The impact of our syllabus will be evidenced by all teachers and children enjoying the experience and of teaching and learning RE and  our pupils understanding how it can help them in their future.






RE Curriculum

We follow Bolton's SACRE syllabus, which can be found below. Within this, we use the designated schemes of work for our non-Christian units.




We use the scheme "Understanding Christianity" to support our delivery of Christian units as recommended in Bolton's SACRE syllabus. The scheme can be viewed below.


RE Curriculum 2023/2024


Knowledge Organisers

We use knowledge organisers to help support the children in their learning. A knowledge organiser is a documemt that contains the key outcomes for the unit across the three strands of study: "Making Sense of Belief", "Understanding the Impact" and "Making Connections".

Most knowledge organisers will include the conceptual building blocks the children are covering within a unit along with key vocabulary.

Please see an example of a knowledge organiser below.



Please use the link below to view other knowledge organisers.

Below is a model of how we structure RE lessons at Haslam Park Primary School.


RE around school

Diwali Enrichment Day

As a whole school we celebrated the Hindu festival by having a whole school Enrichment day. The activities included: looking at the story of Rama and Sita, making diya lamps and creating rangoli patterns. Have a look below at some of the amazing work we produced.

Christmas Celebration Day

 As a whole school we celebrated the Christian festival by having a whole school Enrichment day. The activities included: a witten activity around the nativity story as well as fun craft activities. Have a look below at some of the amazing work we produced.