Cultural Capital inc. Mental Well being

International Day of Peace

To Celebrate Interntional Day of peach, every child across school took part in an art activity. Each child had a hand print to decorate that symbolises  our role in making the world a more peaceful place. These hand prints were then put in the corridor on a beautiful display for children to refer to daily. Prior to the art activity, a discussion took place in each class to talk about 'peace' and what this means. 

Mental Health Week #HelloYellow

Our children and adults celebrated Mental Health Awereness week by taking part in the national event #HelloYellow. We came to school in yellow clothes to support in raising awareness across the country. During PSHE sessions our children completed activities that encouraged communication our feelings with our friends. We discussed the importance of self worth and the children identifies 5 positive, personal characteristics. 

Anti Bullying Week

To celebrate Anti Bullying week and raising awareness of the effects of bullying on our mental health, we began the week by coming to school wearing odd socks. Each class the took part in an assembly , followed on  by an activity directed from the Anti Bullying Alliance. The theme this year ' Make a noise about bullying', KS1 created a poster to encourage children to speak out to someone if they feel that they are being bullied. The children demonstarted a great understanding of the importance of speaking out. KS2 created a ' bant-o-metre' to show the behaviours that are considered friendly banter and those that are bullying.  Our children discussed different scenarios and placed them on the scale.

Haslam Park took part in a one minute silence to show our respect for those that have fought/ still fighting in a war. Our children demonstrated the value 'respect' during the silence. A whole school assembly took place in the morning, we learnt about why we celebrate remembrance day, how it it celebrated and why it is importnant. 

EYFS had lots of fun creating their own poppy.