At Haslam Park we are committed to our learning.  The overriding purpose is to help our staff continually improve the quality of their teaching because we know that research tells us the most effective way that children learn is being taught by the most effective teachers.

Our approach to adult learning focuses on developing teacher knowledge of the subjects that they are teaching, developing knowledge of general teaching strategies for example metacognition and specific teaching strategies that apply to different subjects or areas of learning so that learners can learn well in these different subjects.

Professional development allows our staff to build on their interaction skills and learn strategies for helping  pupils through increased motivation, confidence and commitment to teaching. Learning these new skills and applying them in the classroom can also lead to a more stimulating and effective teaching environment. We engage with our professional development in a variety of ways. Our approach to development links closely to staff appraisal.


  • Self-reflection
  • Teachers seeing and sharing good practice including observations and shadowing
  • Teachers working alongside their peers
  • Reading and research
  • Training courses and workshops
  • Studying for an external qualification or accreditation
  • Online courses/webinars/podcasts
  • Mentoring
  • Attending exhibitions and conferences


Here is a summary of the training we have received this year and last  that has helped us.


NPQH NPQH allows participants to develop the knowledge that underpins expert school leadership and apply it to become an outstanding headteacher.
NPQSL The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)  supports the professional development of our aspiring and serving senior leaders through this ongoing course.
NPQML The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQML)  supports the professional development of our aspiring and serving middle leaders through this ongoing course.
NPQLT The National Professional Qualificaton for Leading Teaching (NPQLT) is for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading teaching in a subject, year group, key stage or phase.
NPQLBC The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQLBC)  supports the professional development of our aspiring and serving leaders of developing behaviour and culture across a setting
MEd A Masters degree in Educational Leadership
EdD The Doctor of Education (EdD) is a doctoral degree with a research focus in the field of education
ECT  The Early Career Teachers programme supports our newly qualified teachers and their mentors through development, support, and professional dialogue underpinned by the Early Career Framework. 
PGQM Geography Quality Mark The Primary Geography Quality Mark  supports the professional development of our Geography coordinator and staff in raising the standards of geographical learning in our school. 
PSQM Science Quality Mark Continuing the Primary Science Quality Mark supports the professional development of our Science coordinator and staff in raising the standards of teaching, learning, subject leadership and the wider opportunities in Science at our school.
(Re)Introducing D&T to your primary curriculum!

The E-Learning provided by the design and technology worked through how to introduce Design & Technology in our  school with out D&T Lead.

Launch of Bolton SACRE Training provided to our RE Lead supported in developing our whole school RE curriculum.
English Nuts and Bolts- Maddy Barnes Teachers from Year 1-6 completed training to support in providing high-quality provision in English.
SICT- Computing Bolton School ICT computer training supported all teachers in their own subject knowledge and provided teachers with resources to use in class.
Mental Health Champions- Place2B This online children's mental health training course enhanced our staffs' understanding of children's mental health and introduced approaches that fostered a positive wellbeing in our school.
Pivotal Year 2 As part of our school Pivotal behaviour management approach the whole school completed further training to develop strategies and processes used to promote positive behaviours.
Safeguarding Training This includes:5 x DSL trained staff All staff receive Level 1 training every year, all new staff are trained as they arrive irrespective if the time if year they start. Weekly Keeping children safe in education training nugget. Access to Educare, The National College and Schoot materials
Year 6 Writing Moderation The local authority training provided Year 2 and 6 teachers support in making assessments against the writing teacher assessment framework.
Year 2 Writing Moderation
NELI Language Intervention Training The Nuffield Early Language Intervention training developed EYFS teaching assistants in the delivery of the NELI programme, helping young children overcome language barriers.


Nature Friendly Schools refresher

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust have continued to support the professional development of our staff through this refresher session where we considered and planned lessons and activities which could be taken outdoors.

Understanding the different stages of listening and attention and how to support children to progress The training from Greater Manchester Early Years Advisors supported our EYFS and KS1 teachers in developing their understanding and knowledge of young children's speech and language development and how to support this in school.
Vocabulary and developing an understanding of cross curricular words
 Online Teaching and Learning Sessions Mike Fleetham's Thinking Classroom supported teachers pedagogy in remote and online teaching helping them to develop new strategies to use during remote learning and back in the classroom
Primary Reds Disability Awareness CPD Workshop  Manchester United Foundation provided training to all staff in supporting children with autism, communication needs and physical disabilities through PE. This training has ensured all staff are now able to make their PE lessons inclusive for all.
Reading for pleasure and Poetry in the classroom Michael Rosen's training supported teachers in reading texts in ways that open it up to be pleasurable. Additionally as part of the training interactive checklists were introduced in order to engage parents with reading at home and the benefits of this.
Understanding Christianity Training provided by RE Today supported our RE Lead in the curriculum expectations when teaching Christianity to our children.
Working Scientifically  Teaching staff completed the science training provided by Reach Out CPD in order to develop their understanding of teaching and learning when working scientifically.
Nature Friendly Schools The Lancashire Wildlife Trust training supported our teachers in the teaching and learning around our newly developed pond area. This included health and safety guidance and practical advice on equipment to use.


 Metacognition Online Workshop Training provided to all staff by Thinking Matters explored the meaning of metacognition. As part of the training we considered the benefits for students in terms progress and wellbeing, were introduced to key metacognitive tools and strategies and gained insight into whole school metacognition. This training is part of the start of a journey to becoming a 'Thinking School.'
Phizzi Forces  Training provided by the Ogden Trust supported of Science Lead in improving subject knowledge and the ability to identify and tackle pupil misconceptions regarding forces in the primary science curriculum.
Autism Spectrum Disorder- An Introduction Ladywood Outreach Service supported all our staff in understanding what ASD is, helped us to consider the challenges children with ASD face in the classroom and how to support them.
Diabetes training  
Vision and values training  
Man UTD CPD teaching PE Lessons   
Edstart Well being Programme   
Q and A with Tim Heywood (OFSTED Qs)   
Allergy wise training    
Epilepsy online Training   
Pump feeding theory   
Subject Leader Time with EG looking at action plan, subject leader folder and Ofsted questions   
Book look Teaching and Learning Daily reviews   

Subject Leader Time with EG looking at action plan, subject leader folder and preparing to present the subject effectively

Observation of CG’s music lesson  

 Website training delivered by SM 



Maths Multiplication and Division EEF CPD CPD developed by EEF delivered by our Math's coordinator developed teachers pedagogy of multiplication and division. Teachers discussed and explored the use of stem sentences and vocabulary,