Art and Design at Haslam Park

 Art Subject Leader - Mrs A Taylor 

Haslam Park is an Artsmark School


At Haslam Park we value Art and Design as an important part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to inspire pupils and develop their confidence to experiment and invent their own works of Art. 

We intend to give all pupils (particularly disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND) every opportunity to develop their ability, nurture their talents and interests, express their thoughts and ideas about the world as well as learning about rich heritage and culture of the British Isles and beyond.

Our Art Offer supports pupils to meet the National Curriculum end of Key stage attainment targets and provides the necessary Knowledge and Skills to ensure Progression across Art & Design competencies. 

Haslam Park’s Art Curriculum supports our Artsmark journey inspiring our pupils to create, experience, and participate in a great arts culture.

By the time pupils leave Haslam Park, they will know how art and design reflect our history and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation and worldwide.



In order to develop their skills as artists, learners will:

- Produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences

- Grow in confidence to express themselves through visual means by progressively learning new skills.

 - Evaluate and analyse creative works of great artists using specialist vocabulary.

 - Empathise with different viewpoints, traditions and cultures, and begin to understand the viewpoint of the diversity of cultures in which they exist.



Pupils are taught explicit weekly art and design sessions, following the Kapow scheme of work. These sessions are taught in small teacher-led groups with new vocabulary being taught alongside.

Further opportunities for expressive Arts and Design is weaved into the Daily Provision in the classroom linked to current themes such as seasons and stories. Opportunities for children to access a wide range of media and materials enables the children to develop their understanding, self-expression, vocabulary and ability to communicate through the arts.  There are opportunities throughout the year to focus on specific Artists and Art in other Cultures to develop children’s awareness, creativity and imagination.

KS1 & KS2

Key stage one and key stage 2 have adopted the Kapow Art and design scheme of work. It is designed with the following strands that run throughout bullet point

  • making skills
  • formal elements such as line shape tone texture pattern and colour
  • knowledge of artists
  • evaluating

These strands are revisited in every unit.  In the art and design skills and the formal elements of art units, pupils have the opportunity to gather knowledge and practise skills discreetly. The knowledge and skills from these units are then applied throughout the other units in the scheme. Key skills are revisited again and again with increasing complexity in a spiral curriculum model. This allows pupils to revise and build on their previous learning.

The Art Curriculum at Haslam Park is designed to:

  • Develop proficiency in using a range of materials creatively to facilitate deeper learning experiences
  • Use drawing, painting, printing and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination
  • Develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space
  • Explore the work of a range of artists describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines and making links to their own work.
  • Develop techniques, including their use of materials, with creativity, experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art and design.
  • Create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas
  • Improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting, printing and sculpture with a range of materials
  • Research great artists, architects and designers in history.

Lessons always practical in nature and encourage experimental and exploratory learning. Art lessons are differentiated wherever possible to ensure that lessons can be accessed and enjoyed by all pupils and opportunities to stretch pupils learning are available when required. Knowledge organisers for each unit support pupils in building a foundation of factual knowledge by encouraging recall of key facts and vocabulary.


By the time the children at Haslam Park leave our school, they will:

  • Produce creative work, exploring and recording their ideas and experiences.
  • Be proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.
  • Evaluate and analyse creative works using subject specific language.
  • No about great artists and the historical and cultural development of their art.
  • meet the end of key stage expectations outlined in the national curriculum for art and design.

The curriculum at Haslam Park is designed in such a way that children are involved in the evaluation, dialogue and decision-making about the quality of their outcomes and the improvements they need to make. By taking part in regular discussions and decision-making processes, children will not only know facts and key information about art, but they will be able to talk confidently about their own learning journey, have higher meta cognitive skills and have a growing understanding of how to improve. Teachers are able to assess pupils against the learning objectives and units of work have a quiz and knowledge catcher which can be used at the start and or end of the unit.

The children are loving learning new Knowledge and Skills through the Kapow Art Scheme.  Please look at the gallery below at some of the Art Work Children have completed in Autumn Term 2023 across our school


At Haslam Park we work alongside the 'Kapow' scheme which we feel provides a fun, structured and progressive way of learning the necessary knowledge and skills in Art.

Below you will see what the children will learn and how they will go about it.


Here is an example of a Knowledge Organiser for Art.


If you want to see in more detail about what each year group will be learning in Art, you can access our Knowledge Organisers by clicking on the link below:

Haslam Park Primary School - Art and Design (

Below you can view how we structure Art Lessons at Haslam Park Primary School


As part of our Enrichment Days the children at Haslam Park complete creative activities.  This is a great way to teach skills through a Cross Curricular approach.  Since September, we have taken part in Black History Week, Space Week, Road Safety Awareness Week, Diwali and Christmas Celebration Days.  Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the Art we have produced as part of these enrichment days.

Art & Design Displays Around Our School