About our School


Our school has been judged by OFSTED to be a good, positive & supportive Primary School.  Our EYFS is judged as Outstanding! We are based in Bolton and we educate children between the ages of 4 years and 11 years of age.

The School is situated within the parkland area of Haslam Park and we are very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife.

The school is a multicultural school and we pride ourselves on making everyone feel valued.

Our children are the jewel in our crown and they love coming to school, we know this because we ask them frequently. Our learning council are an important part of our school leadership team. They meet every week to discuss elements of the School Impact Plan and then spend the next week looking for evidence of excellence or finding development needs in each area.

Our parents say that we do a brilliant job, teach their children well and keep them safe. We know this because we ask them formally once a term. We also speak to our parents every day, in the morning and after school. We value diversity here and use Class Dojo to make sure that our parents can communicate with us in a language that they are most confident with.

Our Family support worker strengthens this process by offering bespoke support to families who need it for any reason at all.


Our Governors play a key role in the development of our school. We have linked them to our School Impact Plan so that we can be sure their contributions are heard and valued. We welcome the challenge and support that they bring. We have Governors from a range of industries with a range of expertise.

Our staff team teach effective sessions which mean that our children get the right balance of knowledge and skill development. We know this because we have worked extensively on our curriculum design at a senior level, planning a series of lessons for each unit of work. We monitor our sessions weekly through developmental drop ins, learning walks and professional discussion with an unrelenting focus on improvement. We collaborate  with local schools, moderating our work together so that  we validate our judgements beyond doubt.

We make sure that our team understand that their wellbeing is a priority and that we are all responsible for contributing to a "well" school. We have a "no gossip" commitment which means that we always speak honestly and openly to the person we need to about issues, rather than to others. We worked extensively with the whole team on our wellbeing strategy so we know how our team want to be supported, how they want to be praised and what impacts positively and negatively on our wellbeing.

We commit to AT LEAST one wellbeing event every six weeks but have many other events on offer on a weekly basis. Please see our wellbeing pages for more details!

Visits to the school by prospective parents/carers are encouraged at all times.

In the meantime, here is a short video which tells you a little about us.