Haslam Park Primary School

Vision Statement


The staff, governors, pupils and parents of Haslam Park Primary School have collaborated to produce our school vision. We have agreed that our vision is underpinned by the following.

‘Together we explore, learn and grow’

Together: We will encourage our children to work in teams and communicate their ideas effectively. They will recognise their place in the variety of communities they are a part of. Older children will be role models for younger children. Their understanding and consideration will enable them all to make friends happily with all groups and to deal with disagreements in a sensible way. Our children will be proud of their school, their wider community and the part they play within those.


Explore: We will foster in our children their love of learning, promote their independence and encourage them to ask questions. We will challenge children to ‘have a go’ and ensure they are not afraid of trying new things or making mistakes.


Learn: Our curriculum will give the children the skills they need to take to Secondary school and beyond. Our children will not only learn to ask questions but to research answers, analyse information and question plausibility. We will prepare our children for a world that is changing technologically every day.


Grow: We will encourage them to have aspirations and ambitions, to ‘dream big dreams’. Our children will be nurtured so that they have self- confidence which will enable them to be happy in themselves and achieve their full potential. We will ensure that they are able to recognise their strengths and areas for development and that they know what to do to improve.