Ethos and values


The staff, governors, pupils and parents of Haslam Park Primary School have collaborated to produce our school vision. We have agreed that our vision is underpinned by the following.

‘Together we explore, learn and grow’

Haslam Park Vision Statement.

Our vision for the future, that we strive towards every day in the present.

By 2027 our data outcomes will consistently evidence that Haslam Park is a school where we have the highest expectations of students and adults, where every student and adult, no matter their starting point, SEND or socio-economic status is expected to work as hard as they can, and behave as well as they can, without qualification.

By 2027 Haslam Park will be a school where we are well known for our  truly great, evidence-based teaching & learning, where we have collaborated as a whole staff on finding out what works and we evaluate our practice regularly against what we know works. Our team will share our approaches with other schools as a beacon of excellent practice.

By 2027 Haslam Park will be well known as a school where we have the very best training programme for our staff, where every single colleague engages with a high quality development programme mapped out for them the moment they begin working at our school. Colleagues from other establishments will visit us to take inspiration from our approaches.

By 2027 Haslam Park will be a school we have the unqualified, universal support of our parents, where parents have the highest aspirations for their children and themselves and where they work with us, in educating their children and themselves. All of our parents will recommend our school to their friends and family members.

By 2027 our OFSTED report will evidence that Haslam Park is an outstanding  school where we have a broad, challenging, inclusive curriculum, one which is built upon the foundations of reading, writing and maths, and is shaped according to what our students need to know, understand and do in order to succeed for the rest of their lives.

By 2027 Haslam Park will be a school where our Year Six children consistently leave us with a strong understanding of their own identity, how to demonstrate ethical conduct, how to consider others and themselves exceptionally well. They will be equipped emotionally to contribute positively to society.

By 2027 our end of key stage data will show that Haslam Park is a school where children make exceptional progress in their learning, way beyond what even they themselves think they are capable of making, where we can be as sure as we ever can be that every child , especially those with SEND, move to secondary school with a set of attainment and progress results of which they can be proud.

By 2027 Haslam Park will be a school where we are able to consistently demonstrate that we cherish wellbeing, where every single one of us is wholly committed to working hard, but has time to enjoy life beyond Haslam Park School, with family and friends, so that the school/home balance is in true harmony and we embody a celebratory, sustainable approach to life.

By 2027 Haslam Park will be well known as a school where we have a highly functioning family support system, one where our family support and academic systems operate seamlessly together as one to ensure that every child at Haslam Park has a champion and every single member of our community is safe.

By 2027 retention levels will evidence that Haslam Park is a school where the most exceptional teachers and support staff come to work and stay because they experience learning opportunities at every turn. Children and their families from all around want to come and learn here – because they know they will thrive

Values and ethos statement

Our school values were developed with contributions from all stakeholders. Our school values are at the core of everything we do and form our ethos statement. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy community and world members.

School Ethos

At Haslam Park  Primary School, our ethos is centered around children’s happiness , well-being and academic success.  We intend to provide an environment within which all the children in our school will be safe and comfortable, feel secure, be inspired to be ambitions, be happy and motivated and fulfill their potential.  Children will receive the best education possible, appropriate to their individual needs.

Our school is a place where growth is facilitated. Children and adults work hard to improve themselves on all that they do. We value our learning, and understand that making mistakes is an important part of the learning process. We are honest at all times, even when this is difficult. We promote equity, making sure our children and adults understand that some people need different types of help to do well. Our school is completely inclusive, we are proud of this and of our reputation in the local community for our high standards of education for all children.  Everyone is welcome here without exception, We demonstrate resilience, we understand that in life, things can get tough sometimes but we have strategies to help us cope. Our school provides many opportunities for exploration, we value being inquisitive and searching for new ways of working. In all that we do, we are ambitious, we understand that in life, we can achieve greatness and to do that we need to push ourselves. Above all, we are compassionate. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We know that being kind is the best way to show love and care.