Welcome to our Eco-Schools homepage

Each year group at Haslam park has a  Eco Counil member. They have a resposbility to suppor the eco changes we are making at school ans supporting the steps we need to take to be able to get the Eco School Award. 

Autum 1/2 - Whole school launch and Eco committee selected 

Spring 1/2 - Began to complete application and bottle top collecting for DT/Art diplay taking place in summer 1/2

Summer 1 - 

Summer 2- 

The Eco Council play a vital role at Haslam Park Primary School. We are now working towards our Eco School Award. As a committee we will spend time together carrying out environmental reviews and will share information with our classes to improve the school. We will run whole school events and will spend time with the School Council to support other events running across the school year.

Behind the scenes, each representative works hard to encourage their peers to help school be electrically efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future.

Roles we will be introducing include:

  • Ensuring lights, taps, whiteboards are off in each class when not being used
  • Promoting recycling throughout
  • Looking after and preserving the school grounds
  • Collecting data/questionnaires
  • Initiating ways to save electricity
  • Lessening the use of paper in school.