Curriculum Statement and Subject Pages

Curriculum Overview

Our definition of learning is a change to long term memory. Our children will learn and remember that which they didn't know before.

Our curriculum is the vehicle by which we achieve this change to long term memory.

"Curriculum is how we change the child through what is in their head."  Christine Counsell

We believe that the right curriculum can be life changing for children and we have worked extensively as a staff, governance and pupil team to ensure our curriculum is right for our children.

Our aim is that the best learning opportunities will be provided, future-proofing every one of our pupils. Our curriculum builds knowledge on prior learning, engage and enhance natural curiosity and develop the attitudes to be a lifelong learner through a range of thinking skills.

Our curriculum is knowledge led.

Metacognition. vocabulary development and knowledge retention lie at the heart of our curriculum; pupils are routinely encouraged to recall previously-taught facts. This doesn't mean we just teach our children to memorise long lists of facts that don't link together. The knowledge we teach the children builds on their prior knowledge ensuring that they remember what they have been taught forever. This approach also enables children to demonstrate the skills that using this knowledge has enabled them to gain.

This approach enables teachers to plan effectively for all subjects, including foundation subjects. We make sure that our planning and assessment process is just as rigorous for foundation subjects as core subjects.

We intend for pupils to leave Haslam Park with a range of fully-developed metacognition skills, applicable to all areas of their learning. We ensure this happens by training our staff and children to use metacognitive strategies in all areas of their learning.

We know that we have to work hard to make sure that our children learn and understand as much vocabulary as possible so that they can understand and apply their learning. We use a tiered approach to vocabulary that is research based. This helps us to plot out this learning in the most effective way.

 Please find our curriculum overview below. You will notice 'cumulative links' attached to units of work. These links demonstrate where our teachers routinely assess pupils' prior knowledge and build on what is already known to ensure sequential and embedded learning. We regularly assess this learning to ensure that our children are retaining what they have learnt in the short, medium and long term.

Please find below our: 

  • Curriculum statement 2022-23;
  • EYFS detailed curriculum overview and 
  • EYFS to Key Stage 2 overview.
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