Healthy Schools journey


At Haslam Park Primary School, we recognise the important part a healthy diet plays for a child’s wellbeing and their ability to learn effectively and achieve. We believe that the school, in partnership with parents and carers, can make a major contribution to improving children and young people’s health by increasing their knowledge and understanding of food and helping them to make healthy food choices.


We aim to ensure that healthier food and drink is provided at all times of day, taking account of individual needs (e.g. cultural, ethical, medial), reflecting nutrition and healthy eating messages in the curriculum, and with the support of the whole school.


Why children need to eat well.


  • What children eat today shapes how they’ll eat for the rest of their lives


  • Too many children aren’t getting enough of the right foods to eat – and too little of the foods that help keep them healthy


  • When children eat better, they do better – they’re in better shape to reach their full potential


  • Being able to cook is an essential life skill: it all starts with getting children excited about food