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Parent Partnership Award


Welcome to our parent partnership page....

At Haslam Park, we highly value the relationships we have with our parents and carers. 

We truly believe that our pupils benefit most from their educational experience and care here when we work in partnership with parents.  Children have two main educators in their lives- their parents and their teachers. 

Both have crucial roles to play and the impact of learning is greater if we work together with shared aims.  We want to make our school a welcoming place for parents with an ethos based on mutual trust and respect.

Parental involvement in our school can be divided into three broad strands:

  • Parental involvement in the life of the school;
  • Parental support for the individual child at home and in school and 
  • School's support for parents with the intent of improving the experiences of both parents and children.  


In November, Mrs Griffin and Mrs Roughley spent one full day with a verification officer from Optimus Education, talking through all the work we have done with our parents and families and we are overjoyed to announce that we have ACHIEVED THE LPPA AWARD! 

We are truly, truly proud of achieving this award as it shows, without doubt, that we value the relationships we have with our parents. We will continue to work closely with our parents on the projects and targets set out in the report.

Please take the time to read the report. It is filled with lots to be proud of- together, as a community, we can make the future of our pupils very bright!  


Improving Our Offer:

As we move towards achieving our 'Leading Parent Partnership Award' ,this academic year, we will be offering parents and carers a range of exciting, collaborative experiences. 


So far, as of January 2020, we have offered parents:

  • Parent/child cooking and healthy eating workshops facilitated by Manchester City 'in the Community' scheme;
  • A more accessible school website with the addition of 'google translate';
  • Stay and read sessions for parents following class assemblies;
  • An invitation for all parents to become involved in our new and improved PTA and all of their incredible events and 
  • Opportunities to share their opinions on parents' evening via parent questionnaires.

Our next steps - during the spring term- will be to:

  • Continue 'stay and read' sessions following class assemblies;
  • Academic workshops across years 1-6 in which parents will have the opportunity to engage in their child's learning;
  • Invite parents to 'stay and play' in EYFS;
  • Design and deliver several exciting opportunities for parents to become involved in whole-school projects based on topical events;
  • Improve our in-year admissions process by offering further transition meetings and drop ins for new parents and children;
  • improving our in- year admissions process by designing a 'new parent' leaflet which will be translated into several languages and 
  • Inviting parents into several of our 6 transition afternoons during the summer term. 

We hope to see as many of our parents engaging in our much-improved offer over the coming months.  Please keep visiting this page for updates and photographs.

Should you have any suggestions for ways in which we can further involve parents in our school community, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Roughley (headteacher) or Mrs Griffin/Mrs Haslam (the Leading Parent Partnership team).

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School Closures update: March 2020

Leading up to lockdown,  we had so many great plans to involve you all with school life- as you can see above. 

We started with lots of exciting opportunities in our parents and carers were invited in to take part in a range of activities and experiences: 'stay and read' sessions; science day workshops and maths/English workshops.


Unfortunately, we have had to put a hold to this programme of development activities. We are very sad about this as we felt they were going so well! We have to keep everybody safe.


We have, however, encouraged ALL parents to sign up and engage with Class DOJO. Through this amazing app, we will be sharing videos, stories and a range of curriculum activities for every child in our school.


We also have plans to incorporate a schedule of Zoom learning sessions with teachers. Our lovely teachers will be delivering lessons from home, ranging from: PSHE, maths, English and science. Sometimes, we might just pop on for a chat about how we're feeling during lockdown. 


For any parents who may not have internet connection, or have trouble with accessing online learning, we will be in touch and our lovely family support worker, Miss Barnes will be delivering work packs so that we can continue to help all of our children to make progress from home and our families to continue to feel a part of our school community. 


Dojo is incredible for many reasons, one being that it will translate our messages home to many of the languages spoken by our families. 

The MAJORITY of our communication with our families will take place via DOJO over the coming weeks (ormonths) so  please communicate this with any families from our school who may worry about communicating with us effectively during lockdown.


Please take care!

Mrs Griffin




Covid 19 update- September 2020

I would like to start by saying a HUGE THANK -YOU to all of our parents who have engaged with giving our pupils the best start to the new academic year at Haslam Park. Yes- things are different. Yes- we may have new approaches to school life, but what remains the same is our commitment to ensuring parents, carers and children feel happy, safe and welcome at Haslam Park. 

Thanks to your commitment to engaging with home-school learning during closures and to the physical changes that came hand-in-hand with returning to school (one way systems, break times, an increase in hygiene routines), the children have settled back in marvelously and are already making progress across the curriculum. 

While we would obviously LOVE to continue with the plans we had for parent engagement after Spring term, we are still unable to offer our learning workshops; assemblies and stay and play sessions. We have to keep everybody safe. We will shortly be sending a message to all parents via DOJO asking you for suggestions about how you feel you can engage with your child's learning at school...from a safe distance. 

We know you really enjoyed the 'stay and read' sessions- this was clear from your feedback- and as soon as it is safe for us to resume, we will be inviting you back in. 

'Science Day' Key stage 1 workshops

Upper Key stage 2 Maths Workshops

Stay and Read

Stay and Read- Bell Class. January 2020

Following Mr Hoodless' fantastic assembly on 'Space and the Planets', lots of our lovely parents stayed to read and engage in their child's learning. 

Here are some of the comments left on the feedback forms provided:

'The classroom setting was comfortable. Spending time with my daughter and talking about what she was reading  ie discussions was a positive experience for both me and my daughter."

'I got to see what my child was reading and we had a bit of a chat!"

" I enjoyed having time with my daughter in school, learning about space."

Stay and Read - Pankhurst  and McKellen Class. December 2019

Mrs Griffin and Miss Festchyschak were so pleased to see lots of lovely parents attending our 'stay and read' session following our 'Robinwood' assembly. 

Here are some of the comments left on the feedback forms provided:

"I enjoyed reading with my granddaughter"

"It was nice to sit in the classroom with my child."

"Can we have more chances to stay and see what the children are learning?"


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