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We are delighted to be named after Malala Yousafzai.  She is an inspiration to all and we are incredibly proud to be her namesake.

Malala began speaking openly about girls’ rights at the age of 11.  This was when the Taliban prohibited/banned girls from attending school in the Swat Valley in Pakistan. As a 15­ year ­old, she was shot in the head on her way home from school. The Taliban thought they could silence Malala by killing her.  How wrong they were!  Instead, her voice became even stronger.

She and her organization Malala Fund now support local activists in Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan and oth­er parts of the world where girls are severely affected by injus­tice and violence. Malala demands that the world’s lead­ers keep their promises to vulnerable girls, and also makes sure they get to tell their stories and demand their rights them­selves (

Malala was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2014, a huge accolade and recognition of all her hard work and effort in fighting the injustices in the world today.  Another huge achievement for her was when she performed her magic tricks during a television interview...she is an extraordinary lady with many talents.

International Women's Day was on Monday 8th March and who better to focus on than...Malala!  We had such a wonderful time creating our Chuck Close inspired artwork.  The children were given an A4 piece of paper each of her face and together they came and made a magnificent piece of artwork!

As a nice break from our assessments, we watched Martin Brown (the illustrator of Horrible Histories) draw Henry VIII.  We had a go on our whiteboards and were really pleased with the results.  There are definitely some budding artists in our class!  

In our outdoor learning session this afternoon, Miss Marlow sent us on a hunt for 2 sticks!  We are going to make a God's eye with them over the next few weeks.  Below is a video of what they will look like.  We are hoping to have them displayed up in our Forest School area. 

Here we are making our God's eyes - it was really satisfying to see the pattern emerge from just looping the wool around each spoke of our frame.  Changing colour added more interest.  We are really proud of what we have produced and can't wait to finish them.

In honour of HRH Prince Philip, we created a class memory book - which is on display in our book corner.  We discovered many surprising and amazing facts about him - he was the longest serving spouse to a monarch, he was very sport and competitive, that he loved to be outdoors and that nature and the environment were very important to him.  We added our thoughts to medals to show how his prowess in the Royal Navy, here are just a selection of them.

We had a blast in PE today learning how to throw the javelin.  Several of us got it further than Miss Marlow...she was not impressed!

In Science week, we looked at forces and observed how the surface area of a pendulum affected the speed of its swing.  We had lots of learning about: what surface area meant; what a pendulum was; how to make it a fair test and if our prediction was correct or incorrect.  

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, we learned about conservation and sustainability in a South American community who have set up a Cocoa trading alliance to ensure that everyone works together and the forest is well protected.

We love our outdoor time with Nature Friendly Schools - we were making patterns and pictures with objects from our school grounds.

As part of the Census we went outside and counted the different types of vehicles that passed our school in the space of 10 minutes!  We learned that the Census has been around for hundreds of years and that the data provided helps the Government to choose where to build new schools, playgrounds and doctors' surgeries.  

This half term we have been looking at the art work of William Morris.  We love his animal and floral inspired art.  To celebrate it we made a printing block out of polystyrene and created our own print design using geometric shapes, repeating patters and clear, bold floral images.  

We weren't afraid to get muddy this morning during Nature Friendly Schools!  Some of us however, were afraid of the worms we unearthed while planting our trees!

Ho Ho Ho!! Our Christmas Science experiment was CHROMATOGRAPHY.  We used our felt tip pens, filter paper and water to investigate the different pigments that were in each felt tip - we were really surprised with the blue, brown and black pen's pigments! Have a look at our end Christmas bauble designs:

Using our teamwork skills in our Jigsaw lesson we planned out, made and played our own Snakes and Ladders game!

Our Design Technology unit for Autumn has been Levers and Linkages.  We talked about examples that we see and use in everyday life, who was the first person to use them (the Greeks and Egyptians), we discussed what our the success criteria should be for our very own.....Christmas Cards!  Below are some templated that we used to make prototypes:

This week we looked at the composer Vivaldi and listened to The Four Seasons.  We focused on Winter and wrote a class poem about what images the music conjured up in our minds.  Many of us recognised the piece and it made us think of chattering teeth and icicles.

We are loving our Manchester United lessons this Autumn Term - we have been learning how to dodge past a player, drag backs and this week we played games focusing on equality and inclusiveness.  Nick - the coach - is amazing and we are really lucky to have him teaching us.  

This half term, in our English lessons, we are studying a mysterious and captivating book - written by the talented Cressida Cowell - called "The Wizards of Once"It is a story about an unlikely friendship between a Warrior girl and Wizard boy.  We will hear and learn all about their journey and the mischief and mayhem that surrounds them in their quest to destroy an ancient evil that is lurking.... How amazing is that?!

We will be using this magical and gripping book to write a newspaper interview with Xar; a persuasive letter from Wish to her mother Queen Sychorax to stop banning Magic and finally we are going to write our own chapter of the book.

We had such a fun day yesterday celebrating Diwali!  We did a quiz, created a decoration, Rangoli patterns AND did a dancing session.  Miss Marlow had a go and made us laugh!

This week we have been incredibly lucky to have had a zoom session with Lilly from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.  She has been playing the violin since the age of three and is a Number 2 Violinist.  We listened to her play several pieces and told her how they made us feel.  We also did some body percussion using the beat and rhythm of the music.  It was a real treat!

We have begun our Art topic based on Ancient Sumer with a great SPLASH!  We have done a wash background using water colours in the same hue as the ancient Standard of Ur.  By the end of this half term we will:

have created a wash background;

designed and drawn our geometric boarder;

created an exploded diagram of a soldier or General;

used mixed media to replicate a character from the Standard of Ur AND....

made a 3D clay tile of our person which will be on display in the Year 5 and 6 corridor!

For those of you unsure what the Standard of Ur are not alone as even the Archeologists who have studied it are confused!  Was it a "flag" to take into battle? A 3D picture to show how rich you were?


Yousafzai has worked so hard on their Standard of Ur, the results are amazing.  Well done to everyone!

Here is what the Standard looks like.  Yousafzai are focusing on replicating the War side and we have each chosen which soldier to use as they intrigue us the most!

Look at our AMAZING reports on the Red Fox, inspired by our English book "The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse".  We spent a couple of days researching foxes, looked at a reports grammatical features:

  • fronted adverbials,
  • headings and sub-headings,
  • bullet points,
  • expanded noun phrases,
  • modal verbs and 
  • paragraphs

before drafting and editing our work. 

Miss Marlow has been blown away by our writing!  Well done indeed, Yousafzai.  Below are just a few examples of what we have been able to achieve:

In our Jigsaw PSHE lesson we had to work as a team and build the tallest tower out of ONLY newspaper and cellotape...Miss Marlow had to remind us that we could NOT celloptape the tower to the table to make it stand up!  We had some very competitive groups and some ambitious designs!

For Roald Dalh day we dressed up - we had August Gloop, Veruca Salt, an Umpa Lumpa and Matilda in class with us!

In Yousafzai this half term we are studying the book "The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse" by the wonderful author Charlie Mackesy.  He is shocked that he has actually written a book as for him words make him feel at is the pictures that give him sanctuary like an island. 

It is a fantastic book that focuses on the relationships of these four characters and how they support each other and listen, learn and grow.  We particularly love the mole as he says:

We are going to be using this book to write a poem, a setting description, an information text about foxes and finally continue the conversation between the characters by writing a play script.  Already we are hooked by it as it makes us laugh out load and also feel the fear of each of the characters as they together develop and form unbreakable friendships.

Place Value is our focus for Maths in the Autumn Term.  This is the bedrock of the subject so needs to be secure.  We have already been looking at the different representations of numbers, Roman Numerals and rounding.  Next we will move onto using our Power Maths lessons to focus on numbers to 10,000 and finally 1,000,000 where we will compare, round and work out the number sequences.  We are currently doing an extra catch up session in maths - 30 minutes in an afternoon on Monday to Thursday - as these are the units that were not covered in class due to the National Lockdown.  At the moment we are learning about fractions which is going remarkably well.

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