Year 5 Tyldesley


Welcome to our amazing class page!  Here you will see and learn about all the new, exciting and challenging activities that we are lucky enough to be a part of with our Class Teacher, Miss Marlow, and Teaching Assistants, Mrs Aspen and Miss Louise.


We are incredibly proud to be named after Dr Joyce Tyldesley.  She was born in Bolton and attended Bolton School where she applied herself admirably and went on to gain a First Class Honours Degree in "Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean", from Liverpool University.   She is a respected archaeologist, Egyptologist, academic, writer and broadcaster who specializes in the women of ancient Egypt...what an inspiration to us all!

This term in our English lessons we are studying a mysterious and captivating book - written by the talented Cressida Cowell - called "The Wizards of Once". It is a story about an unlikely friendship between a Warrior girl and Wizard boy.  We will hear and learn all about their journey and the mischief and mayhem that surrounds them in their quest to destroy an ancient evil that is lurking.... How amazing is that?!


We will be writing a character description over the next week where we will use:

  • paragraphs to separate our ideas,
  • ambitious vocabulary,
  • conjuncitons to join up our ideas and
  • relative clauses.

In our daily reading sessions we are immersing ourselves in our World War II Topic and our focus is a book called "Letters from the Lighthouse" written by Emma Carroll.  Miss Marlow was sucked in by this book over the Summer holiday and could not put it down....and she is very much hoping we are too!  

We will be predicting what the book is about using our inference skills as well as investigating key pieces of vocabulary that should support and assist with our History topic of the Blitz.  


We are so excited to be learning about World War II in Tyldesley.  We held a launch afternoon where we:

  • packed a suitcase with things we would take with us if we were evacuated,
  • experienced what an air raid was like
  • solved and created our own code to stop the Germans from understanding our important messages
  • exercised and did a WWII drill.

To help with our World War II Topic we began by looking at key vocabulary.  We created an information leaflet around the words: billeting officer, Holocaust, D Day, rationing, gas mask and evacuate.  We will, over the course of this Autumn Term, focus on how the war began, its effects on the United Kingdom (namely rationing, evacuation and the Blitz).  

We have so many amazing and engaging activities planned over the next few weeks!  Look below at us exploring, learning and growing:

  • We dressed up as a character from a Roald Dhal book and enjoyed various activities.
  • Every Tuesday (for Autumn 1) we have Young Leaders PE lessons, where we learning what it is like to be in charge, create games and run activities for our peers.

We have just had the best day ever!  The History Guy has just been into our school today and covered so many amazing areas: The Treaty of Versailles, Primary and Secondary sources, propaganda, the Blitz and code breaking.  

Please find below our homework for this half term, there are plenty of activities to choose from for all the family to enjoy! You will also find, at the back of your child’s planner, their login details for The Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rockstars. There is already a real buzz around these two sites, I’m looking forward to seeing who has the highest number of points!

This afternoon we had our first Library time - we loved it!  The choice and range of texts was amazing.  We can't wait to come back and check it out again next week.

For Halloween this year, we had a Spooky Science afternoon.  Tyldesley created Pop up 3D cards after looking at examples that Miss Marlow bought in from home and trialing a mock up of the moving part. We were very creative and had ghosts, spiders, cobwebs and haunted houses galore...not to mention terrifying pumpkins!

This morning in our Spanish lesson, we wrote a poem about fireworks.  We used our colours to add detail and then presented them to the class.  They were bright, lively and loud!  Afterwards we sang a colourful firework song and hand to chant our colour with increasing volume, it was great fun.

REMEMBRANCE DAY IN OUR CLASS.  We observed the 1 minute silence and in the afternoon created amazing Blackout Poetry using text from The Wizard of Oz.

On Tuesday 12th November, we were incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity of visiting the Anne Frank exhibition at Bolton Museum and Library.  Johnathon, our historian, was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging when he told us the story of Anne.  We played a hunt the word game to begin with (3 of our teams all scored 5 points each) and later after talking about how wrong it is to judge someone by their race, gender, age, religion, appearance etc we read several true life stories of bullying.  We shared how this would have made the person feel and tried to understand the motives of the bully.  We promised each other that if ever we were to see someone being upset we would go and check they were ok.  That small act of kindness could drastically improve their confidence and self esteem, while proving to the bully that their behavior is unacceptable and we will not stand for it. 

Today, we have worn odd socks to celebrate our differences for Anti Bullying week. We think this is a trend that should catch on as we all look very fetching!  Well done, Tyldesley!

Spanish has been great fun again today. We designed our own Robots and made a set of instructions telling us how to move, using our knowledge of colours!

This afternoon, we braved the elements and freezing temperatures to do our wildlife scavenger hunt!  We looked in the Sensory Garden, the Playground and the field.  We were amazed at how many different species of trees we have in our school grounds: Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Horse Chestnut, Hawthorne to name but a few.  We even lifted up stones and logs to discover what mini beasts lived underneath our excitement we found worms and slugs. Well done, Tyldesley for being intrepid explorers!