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Thanks for visiting our page.  We are Year 1 and 2 Haslam Class.

We are Year 1/2 Haslam Class.  Our teacher is Mrs Newton.  Other members of staff working in the room are ....Miss Stubberfield, Mrs Broughton, Mrs Maginn, Miss Quinn, Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Dootson.  


We have all settled into our new class and we are all really excited to explore, learn and grow . Mrs Newton says we are all doing really well and she is SUPER excited to share 2019/2020 with her lovely Haslam Class. We will be sharing our exciting learning on our class page so be sure to check back soon. 

Autumn Term 2019

Roald Dahl day 2019 - On Friday 13th September Haslam Park took part in Roald Dahl Day. We all had a super day. In the afternoon we all made potions just like “George.” We wanted to make Mrs Newton disappear but it didn’t work. See you Monday!

Autumn 1 Topic 

We have been learning all about how people lived in 1666 and how people live today.  We have looked at some great pictures and compared them. 


Did you know in 1666 people didn't have electricity? They used candles to light the streets and homes.  

The fire started on Puddling Lane in a bakery.  In the bakery they made lots of bread.  In DT this week we are tasting lots of different kinds of bread such as garlic bread, fruit bread, chocolate bread (yummy) and cheese bread.  

English - This half term in English we will be doing lots of work around the book 'Oi Frog.'  This week we have been enjoying sharing some non-fiction books all about frogs. 


Reading - 'Who Done It?'  In reading comprehension we will be exploring the book 'Who Done It?'  We have made some great predictions.  


Maths - We have just started our 'Power Maths' journey.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Look at our lovely freeze frames above. ^^^^^^^^^^


We have really enjoyed all the “Oi ....” books.  Our favourite has got to be “Oi Duck - Billed Platypus.” We have worked really hard on rhyming words. 




                   Can you think of anymore rhyming strings???

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

In English we are now starting to look at the story 'Tiger Who Came To Tea.'  

In science we are learning all about materials and their properties. Take a look at some of our sorting activities.  We then labelled the classroom.  We have carried out experiments to see which materials are bendy, waterproof and transparent. 

Autumn Term 2 

Well done to all the children who have been doing some AMAZING reading at home,  Thank you to parents/carers who have been listening to your children everyday it really will impact on their learning.  We LOVE reading all your lovely comments.  KEEP UP THE HARD WORK HASLAM CLASS.  

PE  - We are very lucky as this half term we have ManCity working in the community coming in to deliver our Friday PE classes!  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school everyday.  


STARTING WEDNESDAY 30th October Judo.  We are very lucky to have a Judo instructor come into our Wednesday PE slot to teach Judo.  Check back soon for some amazing photos ...............

Look who is wearing black belt this week!!!!!



In English we are reading the book 'Not  a Stick'.  We are going to do lots of writing including labels, captions and notes.  


Wednesday 30th October - Can you guess what our sticks are?  


Monday 4th November 

We worked together to act out the story “Not a Stick.” We worked really well with our partners and used some great actions. 



In Maths we are using Part-Whole Models within 10.  We are then moving on to addition and subtraction within 10.  


Guess who? Take a look at our cute baby photos



In Topic we are learning all about our school and local area.  We are looking at what is around us and how we can move around our area using compass points, directions and maps.  


6TH November 2019 

8th November 2019 - We made a block graph to show how we travelled to school today.  Lots of children walk to school which is fantastic to see.  


We then went outside and carried out a traffic survey! We LOVED seeing the buses! We had so much fun and stayed super safe!

Wednesday 13th November - we compared playgrounds in different locations. Our playground is very different to playgrounds in Norway, Sierra Leone and Bhutan.  We really enjoyed using the atlases and globes.  



We are using Purple Mash to make an animated story. 



5.11.19 Look at our brilliant start to our animated stories.  

11.11.19 We made our stories MOVE!!!!We can't wait to add sound next week.



.                                 EXCITING NEWS!!!


Homework - In the back of your child’s planner there are two logins - one for Spelling Shed and one for Times Tabes Rockstars. A letter will follow in the next couple of weeks explaining how to login and access both websites. They are a fantastic way to help children learn at home. Children will also have a homework journal where they will share their learning at home with us in school. We have given you some suggested ideas but feel free to add some CREATIVE and EXCITING ideas of your own.