Haslam Park Primary School

This year Miss Parton and Mrs Heywood are carrying on working towards achieving the Primary Science Quality Mark. This enables school to evaluate strengthen and celebrate the science provision at Haslam Park! We will be developing and improving subject leadership for science (SL), science teaching (T), science learning (L) and the wider opportunities for science learning (WO).

The teachers and children worked together to think about what makes science good in our school. 

We carry out different enquires in school

Pattern Seeking

Do bigger seeds grow into bigger plants?

Is there a relationship between a mammal’s size and gestation period?

Comparative and Fair Testing

Which materials are the most absorbent?

Which parachute will slow a person down the most?


Observations Over Time

How does a tadpole change over time?

How does a bean change as it germinates?

Identifying and Classifying

Which offspring belongs to which animal?


Which materials are magnetic?


What are the different ways that seeds disperse?

What happened when Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos islands?

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