Haslam Park Primary School

Our Artsmark Journey

At the beginning of our Artsmark Journey we had to submit a Statement of Commitment which documents what we are currently doing and what we would like to achieve.  If you would like to read the document in full it is attached below.

In summary we have 3 main targets that we are working towards.

  1. Provide CPD (Continual Professional Development for Staff)
  2. Build Partnerships (internally and externally)
  3. Range of Offer

What have we done so far?

In January 2022, Haslam Park adopted the Kapow Art Scheme.  We did this for a few reasons.

  1. It provides clear progression showing how pupils build their knowledge and skills in Art and design.
  2. It will help address any gaps in learning from COVID.
  3. Art lessons are completed weekly allowing children to revisit and build upon prior learning
  4. Kapow provides Teacher videos (CPD) to develop subject knowledge and confidence.

We are really pleased with the work that the children are producing.  Take a look below.

Key Stage 1 Art Club

As part of our range of Art Offer towards the Arts we ran a Key Stage 1 Art Club after school.  Each week we looked at learning a new skill and developed our knowledge and Understanding.

Week 1 – Watercolour Rain Clouds

We used our water colours to blend the colours to make a cloud.  Then we used a pipette to drop water droplets on the paper. We carefully added colour to the droplets using a fine brush

Week 2 – Paint and Pastel Flowers

We used a selection of pastels and chalk to create the grass.  We made sure we added lots of lines in different shades of green to add depth.

Then we used pom poms and a sponge dabber to create the flowers by pressing on the paint. 

Week 3 – Abstract Salt & Watercolour Art

We wanted to make some Abstract Art like the Artist Jackson Pollock.  He dripped and poured liquid to make his Paintings. We drizzled PVA glue and poured salt on top.  Then we added watercolours and watched the colours spread. 

Week 4 Watercolour and masking tape

This week we had to practice the skill of tearing masking tape and laying it flat.  We created geometric shapes using the masking tape and then filled the space with watercolour paints.  When the masking tape peeled off it created straight lines.

Week 5 - Watercolour and Oil Pastel

We learnt that oil pastels repel watercolour.  We made a butterfly wing outline using oil pastel and then used our new skills of mixing watercolour paints to fill the wings.


Please look at the slideshow below to view our wonderful Art work and the display.

Year 2 have spent 5 weeks making Pop Art inspired masterpieces and looked at the Artist Roy Lichtenstein

During Mental Health Awareness week, children had a go at drawing Support Balloons (February 2022)

Baby and Toddler Group - We are building links with our parents and providing our children of the future with mark making experiences

At Christmas we were visited by the Pop Project. We had lots of fun joining in with the singing and dancing too. (December 2021)

As part of our Enrichment Days we completed lots of Art based activities to celebrate Diwali (November 2021)

Look at this amazing creation completed during Black History Month (October 2021)

Eid Enrichment Day - Art Activities (May 2021)

Spring/Summer Nature Theme Art Competition

Once again the children at Haslam Park have showed off their amazing Art skills.  Look at some of the entries to our 'Nature Theme Art Competition' which are displayed in our School Art Gallery.

Some of the Children at Haslam Park wanted to wish you all Happy Valentine's Day (14.02.21)

Spring 1  2021 - Lockdown Recycling Challenges

Over the last 5 weeks the children at Haslam Park have been set weekly challenges to create pictures and sculptures using household items eg tubes, egg boxes, plastic bottles, food and tinfoil.  Each week they have emailed in their creations and these have been displayed on our Art Curriculum page and on our Zoom School Assemblies.

I have been so impressed at the unique and creative ideas that you have come up with.  You should all be so proud at what you have achieved.  Take a look below at some of the amazing and inspiring Art creations you came up with.

Winter Art Competition Display Board

Winter Art Competition Entries

We are absolutely amazed at the response to our Winter Art Competition.  Your creativity and unique ideas have really impressed us.  Here are some of the entries we received.  Winners will be announced on our 'Christmas Festival Day'.

Artsmark Award

Haslam Park Primary School have registered to work towards achieving an "Artsmark award". 


Why have we chosen to do this?

  • To build our young people's confidence, character and resilience through creativity.
  • To support the health and wellbeing of pupils through arts and culture.
  • Strengthen pupil voice and develop young people's leadership skills through Artsmark.
  • Tp meet Ofsted's requirements for Quality of Education by using Artsmark's flexible framework to maintain a broad and ambitious curriculum that connects learning across all subjects.
  • To access professional support, advice and resources to strengthen our Arts provision.
  • To develop new partnerships and links.


Over the coming months Haslam Park will be working with the children, staff and wider community in order to help us achieve our goal of gaining an Artsmark award.

Keep checking this page to see all our latest achievements and news regarding our Artsmark journey.

Click below to find out more information about Artsmark.




Remembrance Day Art and Poetry work

Diwali Day 2020

As part of our Artsmark journey we are committed to equality of opportunity to arts and cultural experiences.  That is why we are having 'Festival Days' in our school.  In November we had a 'Diwali Day' where all the school immersed themselves in activities and celebrations related to this Hindu festival.  The children took part in some Bollywood dancing and created Rangoli patterns, Mendhi hand patterns and Diwa Lamps.  Some of the children were isolating at home but they still took part by uploading their pictures from home.  It was such a fun day!

17th and 19th November 2020

Some of the children have been extremely fortunate to have a Zoom call with a member of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. We spoke to a member of the orchestra- Lily Whitehurst- who plays the violin. We got to listen to her play and then she answered some of our questions.

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