Haslam Park Primary School

New Class Names 2020/2021

This year we decided to throw the gates open wider and ask for inspirational people all over the world for our class names.

We are so proud of the names that were chosen. They represent different genders, areas of excellences, ages, time frames, reasons for being inspiring and much more.

They represent people who can inspire us to strive for greatness. 

Do you know who these people are and why they are inspiring?



Walt Disney

Year One/ Two

Albert Einstein

Year One/ Two

Stephen Hawking

Year Two

Marie Curie


Year Three/ Four

David Attenborough


Year Three/ Four

Helen Keller

Year Four

Gertrude Ederle

Year Five

Greta Thunberg

Year Five

Malala Yousafzai

Year Six

Nelson Mandela


Year Six

Mahatma Gandhi





New Class Names 2019/2020

You will have noticed our new class names this year.

 We held a competition to ask children to vote for inspirational people with links to Bolton or Greater Manchester.

 We were so impressed by the quality of entries and how much you had thought about people who inspired you.

 We have activists, actors, paralympians, inventors, writers, and much more. Click on the links on the left of the page for more information.

 We are proud of our Boltonian, Greater Manchester and world wide heritage and we think that our class names reflect that! There are inspirational people with links all over the world included.

 Please let us know if you think of any other inspiring people that we could name classes after in future years.


Françoise Taylor

Reception T

Amir Khan

Reception Khan

Robert Haslam

1/2 H

Sir Philip Craven

1/ 2 C

Monica Ali

2 A

Samuel Crompton

3/4 C

Maxine Peake

3/ 4P

Nat Biney


Dr Erinma Bell MBE


Dr. Joyce Tyldesley



Sir. Ian McKellen CH CBE


Emmeline Pankhurst



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