Haslam Park Primary School

Welcome to Year Four Daley Class.

Class Teacher - Miss Marlow.

Amazing support - Miss Owens, Miss Sherwood, Mrs Lunn, Mr Shah.

There are so many reasons why we are incredibly proud to be named after Daley – he is hard working, resilient, head strong, determined, kind, caring and is not afraid to be who he is. 

Growing up, he was bullied at school, but overcame that huge hurdle and is now the Spokesperson for the charity ChildLine, which supported him through this tough time. Sadly, in 2011, he lost his father, Rob,  to Cancer.  The two were exceptionally close and had a wonderful relationship.  After the loss of his father, Daley took on new responsibility as the "man of the house" and helped his mum, Debbie, by driving his younger brothers to school and their rugby training.

In 2008 Daley became Great Britain’s second youngest male Olympian in Beijing, having become the youngest person to win gold at the European Championships earlier that year.  The Devon diver has since won a combined total of 11 World, Commonwealth and European Championship gold medals, establishing himself as one of the finest in the world.  He's also now the first Team GB diver to win four Olympic medals, having won gold in Tokyo in the 10m synchro with Matty Lee, and his third bronze medal in the 10m platform.

He captured the heart of the nation with his knitting antics in Tokyo - self proclaiming his success for 'Team Great Knitting'.  But there can be no greater success than finally clinching that elusive gold medal, with victory in the men's 10m synchro in Tokyo, as well as making British diving history with his record-breaking four Olympic medals. (

We started off this week with a school assembly on World Religion Day, lead by Mrs Haslam.  We learnt the importance of acceptance and facts about different religions.

The highlight of our week was an online lesson with Axel Scheffler who illustrated The Gruffalo.  He taught us how to make a miniature book!

This week in Art and Design we created our own printing blocks using playdough.  We used different objects (buttons, screws, corks etc) to make imprints into the playdough then chose a printing ink colour to sponge onto our printing block.  After that we experimented with different colours and had a great time.

This half term in Jigsawy (PSHE) we are thinking about our dreams and goals.  We had a fun activity matching up cards to make a story of someone's football dream.

To kick off our Geography Water topic we had United Utilities on a zoom lesson.  Janet was really wonderful and made us laugh especially when she did mime and used her props to show how we use water and then when we were doing the toilet paper experiment!   I think our biggest take away from the session is only flush the 3 Ps down the loo....poo, pee and paper!!

Our first Art lesson this half term was using charcoal and once we got over how grubby our fingers were, we had a blast!  We were given words like tiny, huge, messy, smooth and fast and needed to represent them in an abstract manner.  

This half term in PE, we are learning the following skills and in our first lesson we used our chest passes to warm up and swap partners and then we did 3 limb activities!  We laughed a lot and some of us even managed not to fall over!

At the end of the Autumn Term we finished off our Science unit on States of Matter by creating our very own miniature Water Cycle!  We consolidated our learning about evaporation, condensation and learnt about precipitation and collection.

This week we have been doing our Design Technology lessons - Levers and Linkages.  We have planned, designed, made and evaluated them against the Design Criteria.  They needed to move smoothly, be festive, colourful and stand up on their own.  We think you will agree that there are some smashing examples below!

We are getting really good at maintaining our balance when we jump in PE.  We have had a lot of fun in the warm up this week when Miss Marlow called out numbers that corresponded with an instruction:

1 . Move around carefully

2. Change how you are moving around

3. Join up with a friend to do 3 different unison

4. Join up with 4 friends to do a balance and 

5.  ....our the conga!

In our PSHE lesson this week we needed to say why we were special.  We drew a self portrait (using mirrors) and then wrote on a paper chain...."I am special because...."  We then did one for someone else in our class.  We had some lovely comments about being a good friend, being kind and supportive, making people laugh and being helpful.  Well done, Daley.

Our focus this week in English has been how to punctuate direct speech - we have worked hard on the success criteria that we came up with and are remembering to start a new line for a new speaker.  We continued on a conversation with Free Lance and either Weasel Face or Potato Head (not the characters real names but nick names given by Free Lance!).  Next week we are creating our own mythical creature...the more gruesome the better!

Before we begin our handwriting lesson on Thursday afternoon, we practice our gross and find motor skills.  We love following the exercises and sometimes hum along to the rather catchy music that accompanies them!

This week we moved onto our next English text called "Free Lance and the Lake of Skulls".  We discussed what we thought the book was going to be about, read and understood the first 2 chapters and then did some Hot Seating in the role of the knight.  It was great fun!  Using this book we are going to write our own narrative story based on the events and characters from the book, we can't wait.

We celebrated Diwali on Monday and created a school Rangoli pattern and made a bead necklace!

We are working hard on our math's strategies and calculations by doing our daily Fluent in 5.  We are getting much more confident and quicker at working out these sums in 5 minutes!

On Thursday 11th November we celebrated Remembrance Day.  After discussing the significance of the day we designed poems based on a text from The Wizard of Oz and created Blackout Poetry.  We then learnt about the importance of the poppy and made poppies using a weaving technique called God's eyes.  We chose the colours specifically to match the poppies and are really pleased with the outcomes. 

As ever, Daley loved their Spanish lesson with Senora Thompson!  This week she was teaching them dance moves through instructions.  They had a blast and the song was in our heads for the rest of the afternoon.

This week we finished off our final genre of writing for Varjak Paw.  We have written a Discussion text putting forward point for and against whether Varjak should to Outside to find a dog.  The children did really well and enjoyed editing their work to make it include all the success criteria of the text.

On Wednesday, Miss Marlow signed our class up to a webinar held and hosted by 3 submarine engineers!  They have written 3 books about how to help our planet and we watched the first one called "Stop Dropping Litter".  Their website is amazing and has their other 2 books online (  As a result of their lesson, we are going to organise a litter picking event with the help of the School Council.  We understand how important it is to make a small change and help improve the sustainability of our energy usage. 

This week in our PSHE lesson we needed to not make assumptions about people - not to judge a book by it's cover.  First, we practised our listening skills by playing a game called "What are you doing?" where we had to mime one action and then answer the question with a different one.  That second action would then be used by the person who asked the question.  It sounds more complicated that it was hilarious and we had such a fun time!

In PE this week we looked at balancing and jumping - we moved around the hall and then created balances with friends before practicing different jumping styles.

This week we were off timetable to do our Art Topic!  We loved it!  We were looking at Anglo Saxon artwork and sculptures and seeing what detail and materials they used.  Using water colours we did a colour wheel where we made secondary colours from the primary ones (red, blue and yellow) as well as thinking about the size and shape of the paint brush we were going to choose.  We then looked at the Bayeux Tapestry - thought about how useful it is to us today and why - before choosing a scene to recreate in water colour.  

On Monday we were learning all about Black History.  We studied a gentleman called Walter Tull.  We looked at how being a footballer today was different or similar to when Walter was a footballer; we looked at photos and videos of Walter and learnt that he was the first black officer EVER, in World War 1; that he fought in the Football Battalion and that he was sadly killed in action and his body was never recovered.  We learnt that he was hard working, dedicated, a team player and a wonderful leader.

We produced a piece of collaborative art work on him...we were really proud of ourselves.

We are getting really good at Fencing and absolutely love our lessons!

We had a fun science lesson on Magnets and their every day uses - we watched a few videos about how they help us recycle and how a man can scale a tall structure to repair or paint it.  Here are a couple of images of our leaflets:

Our new Jasmine PE lessons are really good fun - this week we followed a race track and had to practice different ways of moving along the path laid out for us.  We then had a go at hopscotch...with mixed success!  Apologies that some of the photos are blurred, we were moving at speed!

This week, as part of National Poetry week, we have been looking at Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes.  We have been rehearsing Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and will be preforming it in class on Monday 11th October (videos will be sent out on Dojo!).  We have been looking at the vocabulary, stating our opinions of it and also using our tone and intonation to practice preforming it.  


After last week's attract and repel lesson using magnets, this week we investigated what was and was not magnetic in our classroom.  It was loud but lots of learning was done!

We investigated the poles of Magnets this week in Science - understanding the different poles attract and opposite poles repel.  We then tested what was magnetic in our classroom, including Miss Marlow's lanyard!

In our Anglo Saxon topic this week, we designed our own villages.  We had to include a fence for protection against invading parties and animals, a water source for our crops, huts and farm animals.  Each village, although similar, was brilliant and different.

We received our signed copy of Michael Rosen's poetry book this week!  Bananas in my Ears!

With Manchester United this week, we played Tik Toc catching.  We practiced our throwing technique - giving ourselves different challenges of height and distance.  We then did a skittles game and finally we were in four teams trying to get our beanbag into the hula hoop for 1 point OR onto the spot for 10.  We all took the challenge showing we are fearless and want to push ourselves!

Our first Fencing lesson!   Our first Fencing lesson!   Our first Fencing lesson!

We did our first Science investigation this week - looking at Forces.  We used Forcemeters to measure the amount of Newtons that were needed to pull our drinks bottles over different surfaces.  Do you think the greatest force was needed for:

our table, the carpet, sandpaper, foam, linoleum or a wool rug? 

As part of National Coding Week we got to use the BB8 Star Wars robots!  We loved the way that they lit up and beeped while they moved.  We created tracks to knock down our Skittle cups.  It was great fun and we can't wait to play with them again soon!

As part of our PSHE Jigsaw lesson we got to act out different jobs people have around our school: Caretaker, Governor, Cleaner, Lunchtime Supervisors, Teacher and Parent/Carer.  We thought that our friends did a great job and we guessed successfully what they were doing.  We then discussed how these important jobs help us to learn in school and keep safe.

We love our Man United PE lessons with Sam.  He teaches us about teamwork, resilience as well as throwing and catching skills.  We have been playing Dodge ball (and secret Dodge ball) this half term.

This week we did some research into Daley and we created a display for our class door.  We used symmetry to copy and complete the picture of him...and we are really pleased with our creations!  

On Thursday morning, Miss Marlow had organised a special treat for us!  We were part of a webinar with.....drum roll please....Michael Rosen!  Not only a famous British children's author and poet, who has written over 140 books including "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and his first every book called "Mind your own business", but also the Children's Laureate from June 2007 to June 2009!  What a joy!

Michael had us learning and reciting poems all together, with many other Bolton primary schools.  We learnt "Hand on the Bridge" which was wonderful and then we laughed ourselves silly with "Chocolate Cake".  

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