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Summer is here - update June 2021!

We have been hard at work so far this summer term but still trying to enjoy the outdoor weather. In English, we have been continuing our work on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We have loved learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and have been focusing on some specific writing features such as speech.

In Maths, we have been looking at adding by counting on and subtracting by counting back and have now progressed to finding one more and one less in numbers up to 20!

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the outdoors during our learning and our summer topics!


We have been hard at work trying to finish the school year off as strong as possible! Over the last few weeks, we have been looking to solidify some aspects of number and calculation to prepare us for Year 1. We have been exploring how to add and subtract by counting on and back and then transferring this knowledge into number sentences. We have also been working out one more/one less of numbers up to 20! We have done very well with this and are becoming more and more confident.


In RE, we have be learning about different bible stories. We have learned that Christians believe that these stories help them to live a better life. We have looked at the key teaching points from these stories and explored what we can learn from them. We have enjoyed listening to these stories and learning about the characters and where they were set.


In Computing, we are continuing our work with Bee Bots. This special robot remembers different commands that the children give it. It provides the children with their first initial exposure to coding but also integrates counting, sequencing, problem solving, estimating, directionality and vocabulary.

We have been specifically working on directional vocabulary and trying to sequence some commands together to make the Bee Bot move to a particular point. This is something we have really enjoyed and can transfer these skills into maths and other STEM related subjects!

                                                            The caterpillars have arrived!!!

This week our caterpillars have arrived. The children were very excited to observe the the caterpillars eating lots of food and getting bigger each day. Over the next couple of weeks, the children will make observations of the changes that the caterpillars go through from caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. We will discuss where we should release the butterflies and why?

                                                    Bean Plant Progress!!

Our bean plants are growing taller each day. The children have really enjoyed watering them daily and are amazed at how quickly they are growing. We have all recorded our bean plants progress using a bean plant diary. They have measured the height of their plants using a ruler and are getting very competitive. They will soon need a bigger pot so that they can continue to grow healthy and tall. 


We have been very busy in Maths the last few weeks.  Look at what we have learnt so far:

Doubling - We have been using different methods to learn our doubles.  One way to learn doubles up to 5 is to use our fingers.  We have also done this practically looking at doubling the amount of spots on a Ladybird.

Doubling machine

Halving - The opposite of doubling is halving. We used halving mats to share amounts so that the Teddy Bears each got half an amount.

Halving Numbers

Ordering Numbers - We have been trying to order and sequence numbers 0 - 20.  In order to do this the children have been recapping their number recognition, saying the number names in order and counting out carefully objects up to 20.  We have used lots of vocabulary such as 'greatest', 'fewest', 'more', 'less', 'smallest', largest' to compare numbers on a number line.  To help with ordering and sequencing numbers at home, have a go at playing this Caterpillar game.


We have been having lots of fun in Computing recently! Applying our directional language and sets of instructions, we created simple algorithms for the BeeBot floor robots. We enjoyed giving them instructions to visit different places on our mat.


In RE, we have been learning about Special Places and what they mean to us. We have looked at special places in our community and what they mean to us. This has then progressed onto special places of worship from different faiths.

                                                                                                                       Art Work

The children have produced some beautiful pieces of artwork in the last few weeks. They have used pastels, water colours and paints to create their own flower paintings and wrote some sentences to go with their master pieces. 

Outdoor Learning

The children have been enjoying the sunshine in the last few weeks. They have been working hard making food in the mud kitchen area, planting beans in the digging area, making amazing music and dancing and much more! Please take a look at all of the fun that we have been having whilst learning also.  


Over the last few weeks, the children have produced some amazing pieces of written work. They have worked hard on using their phonic knowledge and are using many different strategies to help them to formulate sentences. 

                             Planting beans 
The children have enjoyed planting their very own beans this week. We can't wait to see how tall they grow!!

We will record the progress of our bean plant over the next few weeks.

                                                           Flower Bed

The children have had lots of fun creating their very own flower bed in our playground. It was a lot of hard work but we are really happy with the results.

                                                         Jack and the Beanstalk

This half term we are reading the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' We will retell the story orally using a story map, write captions to go with an image, add some speech, write and apology letter and finally retell the story in our own words using  the illustrations from the story as support. 


To introduce our Growing theme this term, we have set up our very own Garden Centre where the children can explore where people can go and buy plants and how to take care of them. Thank you to all those parents who have taken part in our home/school activity. We were happy to see that many of you had visited your local Garden Centre to help your child to understand the roles of people working in Garden Centres.

Spring is here!!

Please take a look at this half terms Knowledge Organiser 

Week beginning 14th December


In Maths this week we are revising knowing which groups have fewer or more.  We are also recapping our knowledge of finding 1 more or less than a number up to 10.

We have also introduced talking about time.  In particular sequencing events that happen in a  day.

We used the vocabulary 'First', 'Next', 'Then', 'Later' etc

Have a go at sequencing the things you do at home in a day.

Draw something that you do in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Week beginning 7th December


In RE, we have been learning about the Nativity and how Christians celebrate the festival of Christmas. We looked at some of the specific ways they choose to celebrate this time of year and what it entails. We looked at the story of the Nativity and the different characters in it. We learned about the Three Kings in this story and what presents they brought to Jesus to celebrate his birth.


We have been thinking about our Dreams & Goals. We learned the importance of never giving up to achieve what we want to achieve now and in the future. We looked at some simple tasks such as building towers and how we responded when we feel we couldn't do it. We realised that we should always try when we face a challenge and have the belief even though we might find it tricky! We used one Aesop's fables, 'The Tortoise & the Hare' as a good example of showing how having resilience can help you achieve your goals. Remember 'slow and steady wins the race!'


This week in Maths we have been thinking about the different vocabulary we use to describe the height, length and size of objects.  We had to compare items and order them either from the shortest to tallest, shortest to longest or smallest to largest.

Once we got good at this we moved on to using cubes to  measure objects.  The taller an object was the more cubes we needed.  The shorter it was the less cubes we needed.  We then recorded our findings.

Have a go at playing this game at home which helps reinforce some of the vocabulary the children need to be using when describing measures related to height, length and size.

Let's Compare (


This week, we have been writing sentences to go with the illustrations in the story 'The Gruffalo' The children discussed what was happening in each illustration and though of many different sentences linking to the image in the story. The children's writing is improving each week. Take a look at some amazing examples of this week's work. 


This week, we have been looking at how the weather has changed over the last couple of week. The children decided that the weather is much colder now that we are moving from autumn to winter. They have noticed and discussed the changes in the environment and notices that the trees in the playground have now lost all of their leaves. 

This week, we set up a Winter Wonderland and had lots of fun exploring the winter objects, writing letters to Santa and exploring with the fake snow. The children have learned about the festival Christmas that Christians celebrate during the winter season. 

Week beginning 30th November


The children have been working on describing the Gruffalo this week in their English lessons. They have used some great adjectives to describe the Gruffalo’s appearance. Please take a look at some of their amazing work.



If you wish to do some extra phonics practise at home, here is a great website for you to use with lots of free interactive games.


In maths this week, we have been working on naming and recognising 2d shapes. We have been on a shape walk and recorded the many different shapes in the environment using an IPAD. The children have been making their own 2d shapes using sticks, making repeated patterns using shapes and paint as well as making different pictures using only shapes.


This week, we learned how some birds prepare for the winter months and hoe they struggle to find food during the colder weather. We learned about how some birds migrate to warmer climates and we discussed how we could help the birds during the colder months. The children made bird feeders to help the birds get food during the winter months and placed them on the trees in our playground. We have seen lots of red robins taking the food from the trees.

                                   Remote Learning Work Week two

Here's some more amazing pieces of work that you have been doing this week during week 2 of remote learning. We have really enjoyed looking at all of your amazing work with your phonics, writing and maths this week also. 

We are all very excited to see you back in school next week. 

Week  Beginning 23rd November-Remote Learning week 2

Please take a look at this week's daily timetables. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of work that you have been doing during your remote learning. Please check on Dojo daily and watch the videos of all the lessons planned for the day. 

Here's just a small amount of work that you have been doing during our remote learning this week. Well done to each and everyone of you!

Week Beginning 16th November-Remote learning week 1

Here is this week's daily learning plan for our remote learning this week. Please look through it and message your class teacher if you have any problems accessing the learning. 

Your child has received their passwords for our online platform Education City. Work will be set on here daily but many of the videos will only require a pencil and paper or will be practical so everyone will be able to access them.  

Week beginning 9th November


In English this week, we have been listening to the story The Gruffalo. The children labelled the characters in the story using their phonic knowledge and tricky word knowledge. The children wrote the sentence ‘I am a fox’. Ask your child who all the characters are in the story of The Gruffalo to check their reading knowledge.



In maths this week, we have been working on finding one more or less than a number to 20. The children used a number track to help them to find one more or less. You can work on this at home by asking your child what is one more than 18 or one less than 15. We also used objects to add one more to a group. We used counting bears, multilink and number track to help us with this.


This week, we learned all about Remembrance day and why people wear poppies during this time. The children drew their own amazing poppies and created a poppy wreath in the classroom.

Autumn 2-Please take a look at this half term's planning

Week beginning 28th September


We have been writing sentences linking to Owl Babies this week. The children have been writing the sentence 'I am mum' using their new found phonic knowledge. 


This week, we have continued to work on subitising. The children have used a range of resources to recognise amounts without counting. The children have really enjoyed using the ten frame to subitise. Here's a great fun game to help you to continue this at home with your child.




This week, we have been looking closely at woodland animals. The children learned all about which animals live in the woodlands and we discussed what the woodlands provide the animals with.

We discussed the different habitats within the woodlands for the animals and the children matched the animal to its habitat. Furthermore, they created hedgehogs using the clay and playdough, played in the woodlands role-play area and played with the woodland animal puppets to reinforce their learning. 

Week beginning 21st September


We have been performing our oral retell of Owl Babies this week. The children performed to each group and were amazing! The children also labelled the characters in the story this week. 

We watched the video of Owl Babies also and compared the book to the video. Have a watch of the video with your child and ask them questions about how the characters are feeling at different parts of the story.



This week, we have been working on subitising. This is a skill that children are working on to help them to recognise amounts instantly without counting. We have been using autumn leaves and other objects to practise instant recognition of amounts. 

We have also been working on recognising numerals in fun ways. We made numerals with the playdough mats and rolled that amount of balls. 





This week, we have been using a leaf chart to identify which tree a leaf had fallen from. The children were fascinated with the fact that each type of tree has a name just  like them!  

They have learned about the many different types of trees in our playground and discovered that we have more than 10 different types of trees!

Week beginning 14th September


We have been retelling the story in our own words using a story map and some actions. The children have continued to discuss how the owl babies felt and have used many more adventurous words for the word sad. We have used the words, unhappy, upset, distraught and miserable. Ask your child for another word to describe sad and see what they can come up with!


In Maths this week, we have continued to count using conkers and trees. In addition to this, we have created some lovely patterns using the autumn materials. 


This week, we collected may different size and coloured leaves. The children explored the texture and discussed why the leaves are all different shapes and sizes. We discovered that different trees have different chemicals in them which determines the colour in which they change!!

We discussed and noticed many similarities and differences between the leaves and thought about why this was. Next week, we will be identifying trees that leaves had fallen from.

Week beginning 7th September


The children have settled into Reception life well in such a short time. We are really proud of them all.

This week, we introduced the story ‘Owl Babies’ and discussed how the owl babies felt when they realised that their owl mummy had gone! We looked at the initial sounds in all of the character’s names and attempted to write some sounds also.

The children are really enjoying retelling the story in their own words using the Owl Babies puppets and props. Baby owl sent us a letter this week to ask us for our help to look for his owl mummy. We are pleased to say that we found her high up in a tree in our playground so they are all back safely together.


In Maths this week, we have been counting conkers in a row and on a tree. We have been going on the Topmarks website to play the teddy bear counting game. Why don't you have a go at home. The children are improving each day with their Maths skills.


This week, we went on an autumn walk around the school grounds to check for any signs of autumn. The children noticed many changes in the environment and made observations of the different coloured leaves that had fallen from the trees. They used the leaves to make some lovely leaf paintings.

Reading Books

The children were all provided with a reading book this week. Please support your child to read their book daily and write a comment in their reading journal each time that they read.


At Haslam Park, we want children to explore, learn and grow. We aim to provide them with a stimulating and happy environment to learn and explore and endeavour to provide a rich and balanced curriculum to enable each child to participate in a wide variety of experiences.

Through play-based learning and carefully selected topics we aim to provide each child with every opportunity to be creative and reach their potential. Our provision has carefully resourced areas to support children in their learning journey that challenge and encourage.

We value the influence of learning outdoors for children to explore surroundings and understand the world around them. We feel that this environment can be a vehicle to thriving in their learning and development in many aspects of the curriculum.

              Reception Knowledge Organiser-Autumn 1-Autumn/Woodland animals

Autumn term

Here is an overview of our learning this coming Autumn term. In English, we will be listening to and retelling story  'Owl Babies'  We will discuss how the characters are feeling and think about some adventurous words to describe the feelings. We will explore the feelings of the characters and begin to write about its events and setting. In Maths, we will learn and practise counting reliably to 20 and explore how various objects and movements can be counted.

In Curriculum, the theme is Autumn and so we are going to explore what a season is and what is special about Autumn. We will look at physical changes in our local environment. We will all learn about the events and festivals some people celebrate throughout the autumn season. We will look at the impact on animals and other wildlife, how they prepare at this time of year and what changes occur.

We love the outdoors, and will try to have as many experiences as we can in the outdoor environment to give children real life Autumn experiences that reinforce their learning in a practical and fun way.

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