Haslam Park Primary School


At Haslam Park, we want children to explore, learn and grow. We aim to provide them with a stimulating and happy environment to learn and explore and endeavour to provide a rich and balanced curriculum to enable each child to participate in a wide variety of experiences.

Through play-based learning and carefully selected topics we aim to provide each child with every opportunity to be creative and reach their potential. Our provision has carefully resourced areas to support children in their learning journey that challenge and encourage.

We value the influence of learning outdoors for children to explore surroundings and understand the world around them. We feel that this environment can be a vehicle to thriving in their learning and development in many aspects of the curriculum.

Autumn term

Here is an overview of our learning this coming Autumn term. In English, we will be learning about the story of 'Owl Babies', reading the story and its characters. We will explore the feelings of the characters and begin to write about its events and setting. In Maths, we will learn and practise counting reliably to 20 and explore how various objects and movements can be counted.

In Curriculum, the theme is Autumn and so we are going to explore what a season is and what is special about Autumn. We will look at physical changes in general and locally, and what occasions are celebrated around this time of year. We will look at the impact on animals and other wildlife, how they prepare at this time of year and what changes occur. We love the outdoors, and will try to have as many experiences as we can in the outdoor environment to give children real life Autumn experiences that reinforce their learning in a practical and fun way.