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Welcome to Year 4 Nat Biney Class

Road Safety Week 2019

Year 4 Biney

Mr Lockwood/Mrs Dootson /Mrs Rabadia/Mrs Mehers 

This is Nat Biney. We are very honoured to be named after him. Nat is one of the founding members of Bolton’s African Community Association. He works extremely hard supporting people living in Bolton who are originally from all over Africa. 

Awesh is our Worker of the Week! He has made a super effort in his work all week and we are very proud of him!

Mr Lockwood 

Outdoor Learning. Friday 29th November.

Nat Biney Class are helping the police with their enquiries! Don’t worry, they haven’t broken the law! Some earrings have been stolen in a theatre and the children are using their knowledge of light to work out which of the suspects clothes can be seen in the dark and which can’t. Which clothes will reflect a torch light and which won’t. They learned to make predictions first. 

Donde esta Frida? 

Who was Brynhildr? What was she like? What is her story? What was her role in the Viking world? Watch this space, Nat Biney Class are finding out this week!

We have been learning to make predictions about our new book Dirty Rotten Vikings. We used the front cover to make educated guesses about what information we may find in the book. We are loving it and the gory gruesome facts about the Vikings!

What a week! Nat Biney Class have been learning to subtract two, four digit numbers with exchange! The children have worked so hard on perfecting the strategy, looking for and correcting mistakes and explaining how they worked calculations out! 

I’m very proud of them!

Mr Lockwood

We have been learning to say the names of some places in the city in Spanish. Here are two lucky Nat Biney Class children trying to find the correct place when Señora Thompson announced them.

Well done to Shernia for winning our Worker of the Week Award! 

Shernia has persisted all week with adding 2 four digit numbers with carrying . Fantastic! 

Mr Lockwood

On Monday, the children were publishing their versions of the dragon fight from Cressida Cowell’s How To Train Your Dragon. They have read, analysed, planned edited and improved their work over the last few weeks. I don’t know about you, but I have really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read some of the finished recounts!

This week for our outdoor learning we completed our spellings outside. The children worked in pairs and wrote one of the spelling words as many times as they could within one minute. They then had to try and beat each other’s scores! 

This week we have been learning to add 2, four digit numbers, with and without exchange or carrying. The children have worked on a wide range of puzzles and problems. I’m really impressed with their setting out and working out. The children are really proud of the progress they have made this week. It made choosing our Star of the Week really impossible! 

Congratulations to Layton Greenhalgh! 

Layton is Nat Biney Class’s first Reader of the Half Term!

Layton received the award because he regularly has his planner signed by his mum and dad. He has also learned to recall information quickly and is beginning to summarise events!

Very well deserved Layton! We’re very proud of you.

Mr Lockwood. 

Nat Biney Class have been working very hard on place value with numbers to to 10,000. 

They have learned to represent numbers in lots of different ways. Some amazing learning has taken place and all the adults are proud of the achievements of everyone in the class!

The Vicious Vikings!

This term Nat Biney Class have been learning about Vikings.

Adam the Viking introducing himself and given Nat Biney Class background information about why the Vikings invaded and settled in Anglo Saxon Britain. 

Mr Lockwood and some of the members of Year 4 dressing up in Viking clothing during our Viking day.

Hear the roar of the mighty Vikings!
Hear the roar of the mighty Vikings!
Children making a Viking Turtle, being attacked by Mr Lockwood!
Children making a Viking Turtle, being attacked by Mr Lockwood!
Biney Class taking part in shield training. Don’t drop the ball!
Biney Class taking part in shield training. Don’t drop the ball!
Nat Biney Class dressing up as Viking Warriors
Nat Biney Class dressing up as Viking Warriors

During the topic of The VicIous Vikings, the children have learned to:

use chronology ( ordering events in time correctly)

looks at various sources or artefacts and make inferences and deductions

map the routes the Vikings would have used to invade Britain

Manchester City FC came into school for 6 weeks and worked with everyone in Nat Biney Class.

The children worked really well in groups to make robots and play football with them.

The children then learned to write codes to make their robots move in different directions, change eye colour and shoot footballs.

Finally they held small football matches against each other, using and controlling them.

A huge thank you to Matt from Manchester City for a fantastic Computing course!

If you would like to help your child at home, please support them by learning ALL times-tables to 12x12.

Your child has been given a log in to Timestables Rockstars, a great way to learn times-tables!

The log ins can be found in the back of your child’s planner. 

Any issues, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of staff. 

You can also help your child with their weekly spellings using Spelling Shed. A great app to help them learn, investigate and apply spelling rules. All children have a log in at the back of their planners.