Haslam Park Primary School

 If you need your child's log in details for Education City or any other websites please email me or message me on here. 

Email address:            birchm@haslam-park.bolton.sch.uk

Hi Peake class, below is next weeks timetable week beginning 13.07.20

Please make sure you log in and do the activities set each day.  Please email or message me on class dojo if you have any problems. I will be working in school every week teaching Year 1 so I might not be able to message you back straight away but I will try my best.

Mrs Patel is helping me to check that you're ALL working hard whilst I'm at school. 

Thanks. Miss Birch  

Half Term Homework 

Please make sure you enjoy the bank holiday and half term but also stay safe!! I have set some holiday homework below and I will set a few tasks on Education City for your child to enjoy over the half term! 









Worker of the Week: Zara Usman and Haleema Akhtar
Time Tables Rock Star of the week: Uwais Patel
Spelling Shed Speller of the week: Mohamed Yonis
The most Dojo points: Samuel Akinlade and Adan Zafar


Please use these wonderful websites below to help support your child's learning at home.  Your child has individual log in details to some of these sites. Lessons will be uploaded onto Education City weekly, as from next week. Any problems please contact me via the DOJO messaging service.  

Year 3/4 

Peake Class

Welcome to Peake class and thank you for visiting our web page! We have designed this web page to share all of our wonderful learning experiences with you at home. We are a mixed year 3/4 group  and our teacher is Miss Birch. 


7.02.20     STAR OF THE WEEK  ..... Inaaya Akhtar for being a great friend and helping others with their work!

7.02.20     WORKER OF THE WEEK ..... Omarkhan Azizi for an excellent letter using fronted adverbials and paragraphs!


Welcome back! We have some exciting work planned for Peake class this half term. In Geography, we will be learning all about rivers, coasts and mountains. Hopefully your child has been busy researching our new topic this half term. We have some excellent work on display in the classroom already! Continue to bring in your fabulous homework to support learning in out new topic! Please see the Year 3 Geography Knowledge Organiser on our website for more detailed information on this topic.

Image result for Katun River

Physical Education

In P.E, we will be working with Manchester City, on a Friday, learning new ball skills in basket ball. Please make sure your child has the appropriate PE kit in school and something warm for outdoor PE including gloves. Indoor P.E is gymnastics, on a Wednesday. In gymnastics we will be learning how to put together a sequence using rolls and turns.


In Science this half term we will be learning all about animals and their habitats. Please help your child at home by researching animals and their habitats. Perhaps you could take a walk and look for animals habitats and send pictures of these habitats to our school email address. We could put these on our display in class and your child could share what they have found.  Please look at the Science Year 3 Knowledge Organiser on our website to help support your child at home and to find out more about what we are learning. 

Image result for animals and habitats


Please ensure you child is logging onto Rock Star times tables and Spelling Shed for their homework. I will be setting new spellings and multiplications for your child to learn on a weekly basis. We have been using them in class and all children know how to log on, so please continue at home on a weekly basis. Please continue to read at every day with your child at home!

Library Time     17.01.20

Children love to read in Peake class. Please remember to take some exciting pictures of your child reading at home in unusual places and email them to the office with a chance to win a fabulous book token for the Book Fair!

Art - Frida Kahlo

This week children have been learning all about the famous artist Frida Kahlo. We have been looking at her life and the emotions she depicts in her art work. The children have been using the style of Frida to paint a self portrait. 

Christmas Fun

This week Peake class will be celebrating all of their hard work this term by having a Christmas party on Wednesday 18th December. 


Edstart have been teaching Peake class how to communicate and use core life skills effectively. Today we have used all of the core life skills in our penultimate dodge ball game.  We have been learning how to deal with, use and understand empathy, anger management, conflict resolution, emotional awareness, self awareness and many more key life skills. 

Our class namesake: Our class is named after a famous actress called Maxine Peake, born on 14th July 1974, in Westhoughton, Bolton. She is an English actress, best known for her roles as Twinkle in dinner ladies, Veronica Ball in Shameless, Martha Costello in the BBC legal drama Silk.



This week Peake class are learning how to stay safe whilst crossing the road. We will be learning how to keep ourselves safe when crossing the busy roads and how to help others stay safe when crossing the roads. 

Remembrance Day 11th November 

Armistice Day 

Children took part in a minute silence to remember those who fought for us in World War One on the 11.11.19 at 11 am . They also made some poppies and used their multiplications to colour by numbers.

Anti-Bullying Week 11th-15th November

Peake Class have been learning about how important it is to stand up to bullies for anti-bullying week. We watched a video 'Whose side are you on?' and discussed it's important not to ignore those being bullied. We have been trying to understand why a witness to bullying might join in and what they should do if they witness bullying in school.

Autumn 2 Curriculum 

Topic – Vikings and Anglo Saxons

Science – Light and Sound

Art & Design – Self Portraits (Frida Kahlo)

Jigsaw – Celebrating Difference 

I.C.T – Digital Media 

Religious Education - Has Christmas lost it's true meaning? 

 P.E - Team Building and Communication Skills

Outdoor - Rugby/Gymnastics


Please ensure your child has his/her P.E kit in school everyday during the week. See the school website for appropriate P.E kit attire.   

In class we are learning about the Viking invasion and looking at what life was like as a Viking. This half term we will be learning about the Viking Gods and Goddesses, myths and Viking art and culture. We are learning about the Norse creation story and how the Vikings came to be. 

English and Reading

In English we are reading a non fiction text called Vikings in 30 Seconds by Philip Steele. This non-fiction text  covers 30 fascinating topics for Viking Voyagers explained in half a minute. Children will discover how the Vikings sailed, fought, traded and settled across parts of Euroope and North America. The fast- paced fact file delivers bite sized chunks of information, while mini missions challenge children yo find out more.  

We have introduced a new scheme at school called Power Maths. Power Maths is a whole-class mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help children nurture confidence in maths. At the heart of Power Maths is the belief that all children can achieve. It's built around a child-centred lesson design that models and embeds a growth mindset approach to maths

Outdoor Learning in Maths 

We have been learning about commutative law whilst  learning our times tables. We went outside to practice our 3 times tables. To warm up we played games answering in 3's and made groups in multiples of 3. We made number sentences using concrete objects including twigs and leaves.  The children enjoyed learning their tables in this way. 

Reading at Home

Please make sure your child has their planner signed at least three times a week! It is important that you read with your child every night to help support their fluency and understanding of reading. Thank you to all parents who are regularly signing your child’s school planner – keep up the hard work! There will be a reading winner at the end of the half term!! You have to be in it to win it!

Spooky Science Week  30.10.19

Peake class have been looking at sound and how sound travels through a medium. They had fun making telephones and cackling ghosts as part of spooky science week.