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Welcome to year 1/2 Craven class

Named after Sir Philip Craven who was born in Bolton and represented Great Britain in the Paralympics 


Thank you for visiting our page, we are Year 1 and 2 Craven Class, Mrs Carter is our teacher and we have lots of support from the other amazing adults working in our room, Miss Louise, Miss Stubberfield, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Taberner, Mrs Maginn and Miss Quinn. Take a look at what we get up to... the page will be updated regularly!


Week beginning 22.6.20

Week beginning 8.6.20

Not the week we were expecting in terms of some children returning to school so we continue as we were...

Here is the timetable for this week, I will be online all week if you need any help with anything, please keep sending messages and photos to let me know what you are up to, I love receiving them. 

Take care, have fun and stay safe x

Today is the last day of the most surreal half term I have ever known as a teacher! I just want to say a huge thank you to all the parents and carers who have taken on the role of teachers and been so supportive of their children's learning and of us! You're all amazing! Enjoy the half term everybody you've all earned it!! X


Here is this week's timetable, it is Mental Health Awareness week this week so we may add some extra activities as the week goes on linked to this for you to try. 

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Carter x


Here is next week's timetable for you to have a look at, make sure you enjoy the bank holiday, the weather looks amazing get lots of fresh air and exercise :)

I will post any links should you need them throughout the week,  please send photos of the work you do on paper so that we can celebrate it and give out lots of Dojos! 

Miss you all loads

Mrs Carter x


Wow! It is May already, it feels like such a long time since I saw you all!

Below is next weeks timetable for you to have a look at, I will post website links as and where they are needed. Keep up the good work everyone!


Below is this weeks timetable and the links you will need for Monday's sessions. Don't forget to let me know what you have been up to and then I can give out lots of Dojo points!

Monday 27.4.20


Below is next week's timetable for you to take a look at, I will post links needed as the week goes on. 

Monday 20th April 

Below are the links needed for the Topmarks game and for the story of the 3 Little Pigs 

Tuesday 21st April

Below is the link for today's Topmarks activity, have fun!

Home Learning 14.4.20

Please see below for this week's timetable, work will be set on the learning platform listed where I will be able to see what you have been up to. Where it says to use Topmarks this is a free website that does not require a password. Work will be ready each morning for you to access that day. If you need anything at all I am available on class dojo or via email during school hours.

I am missing you all lots, stay safe, have fun and be kind to yourselves!

Mrs Carter x



Tuesday 14th April 2020 

Below are the links for the basketball dienes game and the Golidlocks story, there is an activity you can print to go with the story to help with comprehension. The other activities can be found on Education City, Spelling Shed and Teach Your Monster to Read

Have fun! :)

Wednesday 15th April

Below is the link for the Caterpillar sequencing game. 

For English can you draw a picture from the Goldilocks story you read yesterday and write a sentence to go with it? You could draw 3 pictures in sequence and write a sentence for each if you want to challenge yourself. Have fun!

Thursday 16th April

Below is the link for Topmarks Hit the Button game. 

When practicing tricky words write them down for your child to practice reading them, then see if they can copy, write on their own and finally think of some sentences using the different words :)

Have fun! Don't forget to message on Dojo to let me know what you've been up to. 

Friday 17th April 

Well done Craven Class you have worked hard this week! Below is the link to the TopMarks game, if you completed the 'ay' activities before the holidays head to the Phonics Play website and have a go at some of the revision games on there.

Have fun! 

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our class assembly for the time being in order to look after our pupils, parents and staff, thank you for your understanding

We are very active on Twitter, please follow us @Haslamparkprim1


Taaibah is our Reader of the half term, she has her planner signed every night and is almost onto the Year 2 books!!! Craven class are fantastic at reading at home keep up the good work everyone, next half term it could be you!!!

Spring 2 2020

The holidays flew by, it is good to be back. Our topic this half term is the United Kingdom, we asked children to find out about one of the countries that forms part of the UK for holiday homework and we have had some fantastic work back in, each piece unique and informative well done everyone!

World Book Day 2020
World Book Day 2020


We are exploring materials in Science and the properties of materials, we came up with some super words to describe these during our session this week (4.3.20) we can’t wait to welcome some of you to our parents session on Thursday (12.3.20) from 2pm until 3pm when we will be exploring static energy

Some of our super scientists engaged and excited!!
Some of our super scientists engaged and excited!!

Our parent’s session (12.3.20) was fantastic, thank you to those that attended. We had lots of fun creating static electricity by rubbing a balloon on our hair and jumpers, we used this to investigate which butterfly wings were then attracted to the charged balloon. The tissue paper lifted the furthest.

Indoor PE this half term is dance themed around starry skies, we had lots of fun this week (5.3.20) exploring movements with streamers, we choreographed and performed a dance to Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’

ICT - Coding

Craven class are a whizz on the laptops and have been using Purple Mash this week for coding. They had to input symbols in order to make bubbles move, pop and change colour. It is amazing what children can achieve with technology! 


We use the Jigsaw scheme of work at Haslam Park and this half term its all about ‘Healthy Me’

We learned and performed a song all about being healthy, you might recognise the tune!


We are going to be designing and making our own photo frames so that parents can display our gorgeous faces in them at home! We started off doing our market research, what sort of frames already exist? What colour? Shape? Size? Material?


Our topic this half term is Significant people, with a particular focus in History on Sarah Forbes Bonetta who was an African Princess who became the god daughter of a British Monarch. We will be finding out all about her life and creating some pieces of artwork to go alongside this. 

Image result for sarah forbes bonetta

Finding out about significant people in history and sequencing them on a timeline.
Finding out about significant people in history and sequencing them on a timeline.


Sticking with the African theme we have kick started the term by reading Handa's Surprise which is all about a little girl who tries to deliver some exotic fruit to her friend in another village, along the way some pesky animals steal all her fruit and she gets a big surprise at the end! We will be sampling some of the fruits and following instructions to make our own fruit salad. 

See the source image

13.1.20 We tasted some of the fruits Handa had in her basket and came up with some super adjectives to describe them.

15.1.20 We followed instructions carefully to make a yummy fruit salad! 


In Science we are learning about 'Living Things, including Humans and their Pets'

We kicked this off with a habitat hunt outside in the sensory garden to find out where different creatures like to live, we found squirrels in trees, woodlice and ladybirds in and under logs and worms wriggling in the soil. 

15.1.20 Using the information we found out in our habitat hunt we created temporary habitats for a colony of woodlice! 

29.1.20 Rufus the puppy had an accident on our carpet, we investigated the absorbency of different materials to see what would be the best thing to mop it up with. We found out that kitchen roll was the most absorbent material. 


This term in indoor PE we are learning different jumps, rolls and movements as part of our gymnastics unit. We really enjoy getting the climbing frame out at the end of our sessions. In outdoor PE we are working on our throwing and catching skills.

Image result for power maths 

We are continuing our Power Maths journey by exploring numbers to 20 and how they are made up of 10s and 1s. We now know for example that 17 is 1 ten and 7 ones or 10 + 7. We have been representing these numbers using ten frames, bundles of sticks and cubes. Check out our photos below. 

AUTUMN 2 2019

 Our topic this half term is all about our local area, we will be creating maps and paintings of the playground  and the park and will begin to navigate our brand new orienteering course which we had especially made for our school last year. 

We will be bringing a homework grid home with lots of fun ideas to help us extend this topic at home. Please aim to complete 1 activity per week with your child and bring these in to share with us.

English: We have started our Non-Fiction unit involving labelling, captioning and making lists, we have really enjoyed our first book "Not A Stick" BY Antoinette Portis, we have sequenced the book, labelled the pictures, added captions and even acted it out!

Check out our superb drama skills...


Maths: Power Maths is new to everyone this year, we have lots of shiny new resources that we are learning to use to help us solve all sorts of different maths problems, our sessions are fun and practical! This half term we are learning different strategies for additon and subtraction including using part whole models, number lines, 10 frames and Numicon. We are really good at finding different number bonds to 10, how many ways can you find to make 10 at home? What could you use to help you?

PE and Sport: As our class is named after a sporting hero and Mrs Carter leads PE we love our sport! We are really lucky to have Mr Kosta working with us from the Manchester City Academy all this term and Antony from Judo Education will be starting with us after the holidays! You can check them both out using the links below, please ensure children have PE kits in school every day.

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