Haslam Park Primary School




Reading is at the heart of EVERYTHING that we do at Haslam Park! 

We follow the Phonics for Life Scheme to teach daily Phonics. We chose this scheme because it is well evidenced that it has a positive impact on EAL learners. 

We are also part of the research team that continually researches and tracks the progress of learners so that we can feed into any necessary developments of the scheme.


We are fortunate to have a range of scheme of books for daily readers including Floppy Phonics, ORT, and Bug Club. We think that this is very important so that our children experience a wider rage of texts.


Our children self select books within their attainment band. This is so important to us as we want them to grow into life long readers who make conscious choices about the texts that they read, develop preferences and choose books that they will be interested in.


Our children visit our fabulous school library every week and they decide which books we stock in there too!


Please read at home every day with your children.

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