Haslam Park Primary School

Year Three Hopper

Hopper Class have been named after Grace Hopper who was a US soldier. She developed the language computers use and was able to develop a system from turning it from English into a code.

She served in the US Navy and retired a total of four times!

She has been an inspiration to us. She has shown that there is always a new way to work something out.

"The most dangerous phrase in the English language is that we've always done it this way."


Welcome to Y3 Hopper Class.

Class teacher: Mr Lockwood

Support Staff: Miss Stubberfield, Mrs Dootson,

Mrs Kinsella,  Miss Sherwood and Miss Kempster.

Please make sure that all Dinner Money and Snack Money is paid using your Parent Pay account. Please make sure any money is plaid the Friday before, as it takes 2 days to enter the school account.

No money must be sent into school.

Thank you.

Reading is one of the key areas the class need to work on this year. Please read with your children as much as you can, so they can change their reading books and make progress.

Thank you for your support.

A massive congratulations to the children below for receiving their black pens. This means that their handwriting is consistently neat in ALL areas of their work!

Well done!

Mr Lockwood

Here the children are investigating which material is best for making a pair of sunglasses. They have been learning about the dangers of looking at the sun and why we need sunglasses.

Most children were right that the best material was the translucent plastic.

What does translucent mean?

Mr Lockwood

The current topic in Computing is Coding. The children are learning to write algorithms, debug, use timers and detect collisions, all using Purple Mash.

Mr Lockwood

They say reading is fundamental! Here are the children practising their summarising and retrieving skills in Comprehension.

Mr Lockwood


Some of the children have been learning to write instructions to make a jam sandwich.

They remembered all their punctuation, some adjectives and how they structure instructions.

Well done!

Mr Lockwood

It's so good to see Coach Steve again from Ed Start. He's here to help the children with their emotional intelligence and awareness through sport.

What is the skill called when you understand how someone is feeling?

Mr Lockwood


Mr Dunkley, from Bolton Music Service, is back with us. He is teaching us to use a tuned musical instrument and copy rhythms. We've also been learning 2 new songs.

Mr Lockwood

The children are working really hard on improving their handwriting. Here you can see them perfecting joining the letter f.  

PE is Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

PE uniform - Green school t shirt or plain white T shirt.

Navy blue or black shorts.

Plain dark blue or black tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE.


Children may come into school in their PE kits Wednesday and Thursday, but must have their school jumper or cardigan over the top.

No jewellery.

Senora Thompson will be in each Thursday to teach us Spanish!

This half term, our topic in Geography is Mountains.

We will be learning:

The features of mountains, how mountains are formed, why people live on mountains and where famous mountains in the world are.

Key vocabulary:

Summit, slope, ridge, snow line, tree line, valley, base/foot. Please make sure you child knows these words and what they mean.

Thank you.

Our first Science topic will be about sound. We will be learning:

What sound is, how sound is made, how our ears hear, interpreting graphs about sound and learning to plan and carry out an investigation about the best material to make a set of ear defenders.

Key Vocabulary:

Sound, pitch, volume, fair, loudness, noise, vibration, , sound wave.

Please make sure you children understand what these words mean.

Thank you.


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